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Web Development involves a proper planning, building and maintenance of the given website to be developed. This calls for a fairly professional work combined with mutual co-operation on part of the web designers, programmers, database administrators, Information architects and website managers. One can always have a go at any of the above jobs if he/she plans a career in web development. Such is the diversity of jobs offered by web development. The entire team works together for developing the website by planning, designing, coding and also in its advertising and marketing and finally for the sake of accomplishing the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

The tremendous growth of the www (world wide web) and Internet has resulted in the creation of a large pool of opportunities for web developers, especially in India, where the number of Internet users is growing day-by-day, and it stands next only to the United States in this aspect and going by the trends, is very soon to overtake it comprehensively. The number of Internet users in India has already crossed several million mark and continues to grow at even rapid pace.

As the web is the most popular medium of communication these days, it stands out to offer a vast number of bright career prospects. As a result the number of professionals seeking a career in web development is increasing exponentially. The web developers work round the clock depending on the requirements either as staff of an organization or as part of a contract or as a consulting agency. Also one can start his own web developing company, since not much of infrastructure is needed to do this. Web developers may assume any of the roles as a content developer, site manager, system administrator, site writer, programmer etc.

Salaries for web developers are on par with any of other IT related jobs, and as one takes up more responsibilities and gains more experience, he will be rewarded suitably. One can find the job of his interest in web development as it offers a wide variety of jobs. There are a lot of organizations employing professionals towards web development, that offer good remuneration. A professional with relevant skills in web site development is always on the verge of landing up in an organization that rewards him well. If not he can always start his own business or agency offering web development services to customers. There are a number of training institutes in India that offer the courses to become a potent web developer. One can undertake the course of his interest and there is always a scope for him to excel in that and earn good bucks, considering the potential job opportunities offered by web development.

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