Travel & Tourism Jobs In India

Travel & Tourism JobsTourism is defined as a journey for revivification of tired souls. Every country has a tourism department to provide services to the tourists, ensuring comfort and safety. Tourism department generate great amount of funds, provided it should be successful in attracting tourist from all over the world. The government of India is working to improve the tourism standards and is developing many tourist places to attract tourists in great numbers.

It has been declared by the government of India that the tourism sector needs two lakh employees by 2010. One of the main factors, which contribute to sudden increase of employee requirement, is common wealth games in India. It has been estimated that 100,000,00 foreign tourist visit India in the next two years. To improve and maintain the infrastructure and increase the tourism service standards, tourism sector needs thousands of employees. The country is attracting a large number of foreign tourists, the requirement for skilled and semi skilled employees are increasing in folds. Tourism related departments also require large number employees.

Some of the common tourism and tourism related jobs are guides, travel agents, tour operators, pilots, taxi drivers, air hostesses etc. Many special institutions are providing travel management courses to make people employable in tourism related jobs. The tourism sector belongs to one of the industries, which is a foreign exchange earner. The tourism department is planning to recruit skilled and semi skilled employees with the growing number of tourists and holiday destinations in India.

Travel & Tourism Jobs Travel & Tourism Jobs Travel & Tourism Jobs

The various tourism jobs are :
Tourism department
The government looks after the tourism department. The various jobs in the tourism department are clerks, tour planners, guides, counter staff and telephone operators. The tourism department has offices all over India, these people will be appointed in all the branch offices in every city to help the tourists.

Airways is related to tourism, the increasing foreign tourists come by air, the employee requirement in airports and airplanes is increasing, some of the jobs in this field are airhostess; call operators, stewards, reservation staff etc.

Travel companies
There are many travel agencies in India, provided by the government as well as private parties. Some of the jobs in these companies are guides, taxi drivers, clerks, counter staff etc.

Hotels are directly related to tourism, there are hotels run by government as well as private companies. The various jobs in hotels are front office, house keeping, accounting, maintenance and food.

The main skills that the employer expects are
Good communication skills
Friendly and pleasant nature
Problem solving skills
The tourism department is making plans to recruit many people, as the foreign tourists are increasing. The employers are looking for people with special travel management courses and graduates.

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