Telecommunication has brought a real boom in the job structure on India.

Well ever we talk about jobs, it is proportional to the employment demand and that is just equals to the population. With a population of about one hundred and fifteen crores, the jobs requirements can never be less. Telecommunication industry in India is on the rocks. Foreign companies have their eye on us. Consider Vodafone make a bid for the networks right and now enjoying the market. He’s one of the leading and the biggest network provider of wireless communication. Though, our own Indian brand Airtel of Bharti telecom is enjoying the maximum ground of the market.

But still the public sector companies like BSNL, MTNL are the toppers in peoples satisfaction with fixed line phones or upto certain extent in the wireless communication also. This industry has a huge investment of 2.2 billion rupees. After take-over, Hutchission-essar in year 2007 Vodafone gives the employment to twelve thousand employees. As, this industry almost gives employment to all the leading subjects. Like electronics and electrical, information technology, telecommunication, instrumentation, civil in Research and Development and also service departments.

Companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Tata Indicom and others giving an employment to about ten lacs people. Telecommunication has evolved on a very high scale. As in this we have internet providers includes, dial-ups, broadband, networking, wi-fi, GPRS. With the introduction of more techniques with research and development forums this sector is expanding with ease and with great intensity. The pretentious efforts are being made to reach almost every corner of the country. Because this industry has given employment to the local people also and the telecommunication ministry estimating the wealth of this sector will never loose its charm due to the dependence of all the sectors on it. Reports by online forums and government economic survey 2007-2008, launched just before the budget session, commits the huge investment will be made into this sector.

This industry has given a huge employment to young people like in Call center jobs, front office receptionist jobs, technical advisors, field boys and many more.

As per the telecommunication department this sector will evolve with a scale of 37% in the year 2007-2008. it has chosen its edge. in the country there are about two crores mobile users. And for this employment is very high. As with each passing day MNC’s are entering at our globalization sector and which defiantly leads to more involvement and increase of infrastructure which obviously produce more employment opportunities.

Thus, jobs are available at high zone just with growing opportunities for people. As the GDP increasing manly because of service sector and telecommunication has a very vital role in it. Almost every industry leaving the manufacturing is dependent upon this sector.