Teaching in India is bit different from other countries. It is called as that profession which teaches almost all other profession. From quite a while it has been noted that the interest in this sector is getting decreases.

There was a news regarding brain drain and teaching was one of that profession where this got happened. The trait was this that nobody was interested of being a teacher to Indian students.

What was the factor, what leads to this? It is the nature of humans, this professions motive got transformed from devotion to materialistic approach. I am not saying it is bad or good or neither commenting upon the cons of this profession.

Teaching is that profession in which you cannot see the fruit of day’s deeds i.e. work. In India there is about a big demand for teachers generally in small scale due to many undeveloped parts. Where lots of young children living and needed to be educated.

With a very deep routed research report submitted by the Home Ministry that the main issue is the salary part. Because today teacher go for private coaching in which they are being paid at very higher salary. Let me comment on this with an example that a senior teacher at a public school paid less than a temporary teacher at a private coaching center.

We need about one lack more teachers in every part of the country. As the student to children ratio is about 7: 200. With the involvement and the change of viewpoint that private coaching is better teachers are running in this sector that leads to the dazzling in the equilibrium structure.

Though still the passion of being a teacher, lectures or profession is also on high. As if I remember every child in the beginning wants to be a teacher. That’s this sector involves the 2% involvement in the financial budget of the country.

As, this profession includes giving training, teaching at middle level, higher level and many more. The main reason for opting for this profession is the secure future as there is no age limit for teaching, annual vacations which brings social relief, and also the interest in the subject. As, many teacher are passionate about their interest of subject.

With increasing population and high growth more and more people wants their child to be an educated person in the society. With this teachers are required at the high scale so to fulfill the demand. Otherwise, the students to teacher ratio will detoriate. Therefore, it is the prime focus in the country. It can be the career for those who got retired at higher level. This is a very noble profession and always gets respect.