Software Sales Jobs in India

A career in software sales in India is becoming more in demand as new companies are emerging with every coming day. A software sales expert has to sell the company’s products and services in order to maximize profits. There are many other responsibilities which a specialist in this field must take up. They are responsible for development and management of new products, customer presentation and demo, proposal and sales of new software of the company. Also, implementation of new ideas, strategies and tactics for development of the company.

The essential skills for a job in software sales are a good knowledge over the software skills such as C, C++, Oracle, SAP and other computer skills. One should be familiar with how to use the internet through which they can market their products and services. The job of a software sales person is all to create contact lists, mailing lists and maintaining of all business contacts. Hence, one must be familiar with email, use of spreadsheets and other documents, good computer working speed and should also be creative. Communication skills are also crucial in this field. One needs to deal with large number of people and have the ability to convince them. They should be smart, confident, and have good presentation skills. They should be passionate about meeting the customer’s needs and be committed to achieve targets.

To become a software sales executive, one must have a graduate degree (BE) in the computer science side. Some companies require an MBA/MCA degree from a reputed institution and also a work experience of 3-6 years in software sales. The companies that have jobs in this field are JOBKOMPASSE, Rangam Consultants, Micron Automation and many more. Almost all the software companies are in dire need of software sales experts.

India is a country which has a great economic future ahead of it. It is the country which has the potential to become the next superpower. But in order for this transformation to take place in the near future, there is a need for the majority of the population to opt for a career in software sales. In India, a paradoxical man power situation is being seen, where on hand there is unemployment in a technically qualified person, but on the other, there is a dearth of technical skills for the emergence of the economic status of this country. In other words, what should be kept in the minds of the people, is that they should not only look for a career in software sales, but one day, should have the capabilities of putting up their own companies, where they can employ others, and thus help to take India to a much greater future.

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