Signal Processing Jobs

Signal Processing engineering is the field that deals with the analysis, interpretation and subsequent manipulation of signals to provide for specific functions.

Depending on the type of signal being processed, the discipline can be categorized into Analog signal processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Digital signal processing, Audio signal processing, Speech signal processing, Image processing, Video processing and Array processing. These effectively cover the entire range of electronic- telecommunication devices/ technology in use today and therefore provide a wide range of scope for professionals in this field. More so, in a developing country like India where the use and production of such technology is increasing exponentially, the job prospects are immense and varied in this industry, that’s worth billions.

Skill set and Work Profile:
The basic and essential prerequisites in this field are knowledge of Assembly Level Programming (ALP) and the programming languages like C (in some cases, even C++). To add to this, a Signal Processing professional is required to be comfortable with handling real time programming, signal processing algorithms and time constraints.

The DSP Engineer’s work profile includes designing and implementing signal processing algorithms for real time, embedded systems products. Additionally, to build test plans, procedures and tools needed to verify the design and implementations of various software and/or hardware- based signal processing subsystems and to sustain and improve the incumbent software/firmware products. Other tasks include field research, trial/analysis and validation of new product deliveries and making accurate forecasts of time, expenses and resources for allotted projects. Also system constraints like slow processor speeds and restricted memory must not pose a major problem to the engineer, who is expected to deliver excellent service and efficiency even under such working conditions exclusive of complaints about inadequate resources.

Career Prospects:
Digital Signal Processing is considered to be the most far reaching of the Signal Processing branches, for digital signals are the carriers in almost every application in the techno world. It has been projected as an industry with high growth estimates. Considering the fact that applied mathematics plays a major role in this discipline, it automatically provides a natural advantage to Indian graduates who are known to be especially adept at numbers. The applications of signal processing are present everywhere; in cellular phones, HDTV videos, wireless communication, multimedia, GPS and CAT/MRI scanners, submarines, radar systems, missile tracking systems, bioinformatics, etc.

Some of the biggest names internationally are employers of the discipline like AT&T, Texas Instruments, Cisco, Lucent, Motorola, Intel, Analog Devices. With cutting edge research being done in areas like Speech Recognition, Audio compression, Biomedicine, this field is being driven further and bridging the gap between industry and research, Signal processing professionals area already high in demand and are being offered highly profitable salaries.

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