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Shipping CompanyJobs of various diversities are emerging quite rapidly in India. One of such jobs is Shipping Job. Mostly shipping jobs have their workplace situated near the marine lines. One can apply in various types of jobs available in this section. We could find various jobs available in Mumbai, Vishakhapatnam and numerous other marine places. If we take an example of a shipping job in Mumbai, one could easily find jobs in companies located in Mumbai. To start a career an individual can take up career in the following fields like doing jobs with Mumbai shipping companies, Cruise ship jobs, Freight jobs, Merchant navy jobs, and shore jobs, also one can apply for a job in oil tanker based companies and bulk carrier companies in Mumbai. Not only these companies provide jobs but also they offer great salary packages. Though, this job mainly on the yards and the passion or the individual decides the need to do job in this industry.

Like if we take a person applying in Merchant Navy job. He has to operate in the sea for a period of 6 months but the remaining 6 months he has nothing to do but relax at his residence. He will be paid for working as well as non-working period.

Also there are various international cruise companies who have set up there corporate offices in Mumbai. So, one can easily apply for a job in these companies in following sections like freight agent jobs, air freight jobs, chef cruise jobs, freight forwarding jobs, marine nursing jobs, cruise ship nurse jobs, marine medical jobs and cruise ship summer jobs.

One such company providing above listed job opportunities in India is SCI. SCI is the largest Indian shipping company in India. They not only provide jobs ashore but also at sea. The SCI draws its workers from a pool of Trainee Marine Engineers and Trainee Navigating officers. This is very much responsible for providing of timely assistance and service as well as ensuring better, smooth and effective functioning of the company.

Shipping Company Shipping Company Shipping Company

Other companies providing good jobs in this sector are Indus Cruising & Shipping, Penron Shipping Pvt. Ltd., Mazagon Dock Limited, and Mumbai Port Trust. Mazagon Dock Limited use its manpower to execute various latest chip software and also have large number of operating stations with the latest computer hardware installed but also provide up to date design and production support, commensurate with for the Yard’s capabilities. The Mumbai Port Trust is gifted with a natural harbour providing ample shelter for shipping throughout the year.

Thus, the industry is growing and is opening new doors for the upcoming fresh talented people. Also, it is the main source of the countries transport system. So, defiantly the sector is growing and will be growing with higher intensity.

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