And, of course, millions of us cross the border to work in homes and gardens and factories and carpentry shops and restaurants, and if you go to a restaurant pretty much anywhere in the world, the chances are that the queue is always full.

Truly every second person in this country would call himself- ‘I m a food-e’. With such a high population land we do have big demands for this industry. Fast food chains and restaurant business is the most amazing work to do as it involves no restriction on what you charge but only on what quality you offers. The accountability is meant on the standards you have maintained.

India is really an apple of everyone’s eye as you can see thirty five percent of our restaurants of this food industry are occupied by the foreign brands and foreign investors. Because in this business only one rule applies: “more the people more the money more the success”. And India is full of people. Every corner of the markets, colonies, state, road you’ll find food hubs and an over crowded people consuming that food. And this showcases the status and the calculations of this industry.

One can say as the labour of this industry is a part of hospitality aka hotel management field. Take an example of the food webs like Mc Donald’s, Wimpy’s, Ruby Tuesday, Dominos, Pizza hut and many others. These are such middle class band which offers sophisticated class and an easy to approach feel. Though, they are quite popular among the high part of society too.

The jobs in this sector are basically divided into three categories, first the cheap labour includes strewed, chamber staff, utility workers, and delivery boys and secondly it is the heads of this environment and thirdly the high management includes managers, supervisors and general mangers.

With the introduction for modern technology, it offers jobs to college students like delivery, on-line bookings and others. Thus there is also a facility of on-job training where young and fresh minds develop their skills.

Undoubtedly this is a booming industry with more and more job opportunities. The ample facilities are being given to fresh people and experienced man. One just needs to be skillful or know his work and on the compliment hand should be presentable as all here works on presentation.

There are many opportunities consists of short term jobs, weekends jobs, part-time jobs, evening jobs and obviously it proves out to be the good opportunity for people to job on small scale basis. With high purchasing power of the consumer, more and more opportunities will grow and this will add cherry to this pudding where everyone has something for him.