Oracle Jobs in India

Oracle, a leading software organization, well-known for its innovating practices, is the first to introduce a relational database that is commercially available. It also has the reputation of being the first to introduce a variety of Internet-based applications and future organization-computing platform, Oracle Fusion.

Oracle currently has tens of thousands of employees working in different regions of the globe, a significant number of those working round the clock on Oracle products and applications.

Oracle managers are always on the lookout for talented employees with managerial spirit and those willing to do hard work, with creativity and innovation always being their primary focus. As no surprise, such employees are always rewarded in this organization. Employees in Oracle have the benefits of competitive salaries comparable to the best in the field, and also good working conditions and health benefits. Innovation is of primary focus in Oracle.

Established in 1977 in the California state of the US, Oracle first developed the RDBMS System using the International Business Machine (IBM’s) Structured Query Language (SQL). The DBMS developed by Oracle can be run on a wide variety of platforms including UNIX, Windows etc. and also on several other proprietary platforms, and as a result is undoubtedly the largest relational DBMS provider in the industry.

Oracle has employees in almost half of the number of countries in the world. Oracle also has a good R&D unit that accounts for a considerable percentage of its entire revenues. Oracle has the meaning of prophecy or prediction which is the reply from the godly figures to a query. It also means a holy place where these reply’s are passed on to the mankind. The word Oracle was initially used for the database engine and later went on to become the name of the organization itself. Oracle is the numero uno relational DBMS product in the Software Industry.

Apps Functional, Apps Technical, DBA, Developer, Web Server, Designer, Trainee, Analyst, Programmer etc., are all the various oracle job sectors.

There are a number of oracle jobs available today and it is no surprise that oracle is considered the most powerful and efficient database system in the world. It is a field of diversities. There is a good number of IT Professionals currently in the industry, who have undertaken/undertaking oracle courses presently to move their careers in a proper and successful direction. Such is the potential offered by the oracle jobs. A number of private and government organizations make use of Oracle in their day-to-day transactions, since Oracle is a powerful database which is the basis for storing any amount and type of information. Oracle is a relational DB product which means that information is stored in it in the form of tables.

The types of oracle jobs that one can pursue are Oracle Software Programmer, Developer, Tester, Software Designer, Application Programmer etc., relating to the software field. With the usage of SQL, a popular query language, one cam perform a number of tasks over the oracle database like inserting new data into the tables, modifying the existing ones, deleting unwanted records, altering the structure of the tables etc., There is a great demand for the professionals skilled in Oracle in the numerous software companies that are having their presence in India.

There are a number of institutes in India that offer various courses on oracle and its related products. So one can also find employment as an Instructor in these numerous training institutes apart from the unlimited jobs in mnc’s pertaining to oracle.

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