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Microsoft Corporation is an American based multinational computer technology company, with a huge employee number. It is into developing, manufacturing and licensing a large variety of software products. Two of its best selling products are the Microsoft windows operating system and the Microsoft office suite of productivity software. Other than these two products it also has other assets like the Microsoft Encarta, MSN internet portal etc. Microsoft is a huge corporate giant which is proving to be a major rival for many of the other software companies. Microsoft copes with the customer requirements, a very high degree of productivity and always comes up with new Technology developments. Microsoft is a world renowned company with its own operating system and program applications. Microsoft certification has been given to many of the products present in the market. For example if u have completed a course with Microsoft certification its of great value. The employer assumes without any hesitation that you are an expert in that particular field. This kind of certifications makes it easier for a person to find a good technology job.

Microsoft technology jobs are available in a large scale in India. These jobs are mainly associated with computer engineers and information technology engineers. The job deals with the curriculum which these engineers know. There are various .NET creators who opt for this kind of job. The basic need for a person to get into a Microsoft technology job is that he should be a technical engineer. Training in the particular field in which we want to pursue a job can prove to be very helpful. The main reason for this is that in the degree level not much importance is given to the practical aspects. By going through a proper training one understands the practicalities of that particular job.

The basic requirements for this job are: the person should understand the troubles of the customers and deliver the apt solution in the right time; should understand the market needs on projects; govern solution decisions on projects and review the output to optimize the performance; provide operational solutions to project and help in solving a particular problem. This would help a person to get a job in the Microsoft technology field. Starting a career in such a software giant would definitely give a boost to one’s career.

Some of the posts which are available in India are:
Microsoft consultants, Microsoft project support professionals, Microsoft developer support jobs, technical applications analyst posts, project leader, internet applications jobs, .net developer posts, etc.

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