Category: Production/Technical Jobs

Textile Jobs In India

Clothing is one of three main necessities of man kind. The other two necessities are food and shelter. This very reason has paved ways for industrialization of textile sector. To name the important sub sectors in this stream, we have textile design, fabric manufacturing and textile marketing. Many companies also manufacture value added products besides [...]

Technical Jobs In India

As a matter of fact, Today’s world is technology driven. Technicians play a pivotal role in aiding today’s technology. The concept of technicians is very important these days because no company, industry, organisation, set up, process or utility can function without technicians. Technicians are also being called as executers of any mechanism or technique which [...]

Sales Jobs in FMCG industry

The ever growing economies and growing businesses are increasing the sales numbers exponentially. So, with the growing market, the need for skilled sales personnel is also increasing proportionally. This need is both domestic and in the international market. Sales sector is the backbone of any given company in any market. An organized and professional approach [...]

Retailing Jobs in India

India is on the verge of another job revolution. Retailing is tagged as the next revolution after the IT and ITES. It has taken the Indian job market by storm. Like the IT and ITES companies that have employed millions of fresh and experienced professionals, the retailing sector is also expected to create so many [...]

Quality Assurance Jobs In India

Quality assurance, quality control and quality engineering are cross functional region of the components of engineering and manufacturing. Quality ensured brings a smile on the face of customer. Quality assurance stands responsible for upliftment of a protocol or a set of protocols that would ultimately satisfy the customer. Quality assurance safeguards consumer’s interest by ensuring [...]

Product Design Jobs in India

Product design is one of most important sector or department of any product oriented industry. The jobs in this sector basically involve planning and development of the products. The main purpose of introduction of these jobs was to serve and perform some specific jobs. It’s the job of product designers to bring out the company’s [...]

Printing Jobs in India

Printing has emerged as years passed by due to timely enhancements in printing technology. The concept of printing process has evolved in to a hi-tech proposition. In the present computer age, increasing and efficient use of computers besides lasers and microprocessors have changed printing profession into a multi-disciplinary one. This change has resulted in a [...]

Plantation & Agriculture Jobs

Agriculture is production of fiber, feed, food and the other goods by synthetic growing or harvesting of the animals and plants and other forms of life. “Agriculture” commonly refers to study of process of performing agriculture. Agriculture is also called as “Agricultural Sciences” and “Agronomy”. Agriculture encompasses so many subjects like cultivation, aquaculture, horticulture and [...]

Plant Maintenance Jobs India

This century belongs to the magical and appliances. These very machines and appliances have made our lives simple. The effective driving force for any dwelling economy is Automation. Due to this reason, the dependence on appliances has grown to very large extent. Since these machines are man made, very likely they might falter or corners [...]

Nuclear Energy Jobs

Major necessities to sustain human progress are an adequate source of energy. Currently the sources of energy such as combustion of coal, natural gas and oil will last quite a long but will eventually run out or become harmful in tens or hundreds of years. A new focus on global warming which most researchers say [...]