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Work From Home Jobs In India

Work from home it is the most vibrant and mature idea in many countries of the world. And it is most famous in the women part. As, in India women are the ones who rests at home and the opportunities for them to work from home is quite encouraging. It’s not possible for them to [...]

TV & Radio Jobs In India

Radio has been with us from quite a long time but the scenario got changed in the namesake that Radio announcers are now called as the Radio jockey or RJ. As these days they are just not the navigators but their main aim is to entertain their listeners and simultaneously provide information and many more. [...]

Technical Writer jobs in India

Technical writing in India is as formulating as anywhere else in the world. This kind of jobs generally involves in-writing, brochures, in designing user guides for products, and white papers for variety of jobs available in this horizon. Well these things are not new or not anything unique but the introduction of technical writing in [...]

Online Jobs In India

It can be called as Add-on jobs available for employment. Online mean doing work on your favorite topic using internet from anywhere and at anytime. That’s amazing isn’t it! With high advancement in the IT sector and telecommunication made this happened. As India was meting with a problem of retired people without much to do [...]

Media & Journalism Jobs in India

Journalism is the most innovative and creative with the flavor of excitement job. It for the fun loving and creative people those have the factor of versatility in it. Media and Journalism together have brought a large or a very large number of job opportunities to grow multifold and with its vast potential. Journalism as [...]

Jewellery Retail Jobs in India

India is a country with various customs & cultures & the women of our country are the most beautiful. As there beauty is enhanced by the jewellery. From ancient civilization to modern civilization women as well as men are decorated with ornaments. From Kashmir to kanyakumari each Indian women wears jewellery. So we can say [...]

Jewellery Design Jobs in India

Jewellery can be basically defined as: – an adornment made of precious metals and set with gems. In other words or in more general sense, it can be best defined as a piece of decorative item worn to enhance the beauty of human beings. In the country like India where the jewellery is treated as [...]

Interior Design Jobs in India

Interior designing in India has some different prospects. Well, it is the obvious question what the need of this on such a big scale in India. Well with increase size and more and more advancement, and in small places and wanting things to go more in disciplined manner, it defiantly a matter to concern. With [...]

Gems and Jewellery Jobs in India

India being a heritage hub for the gems and jewels is still topping the charts for its popularity. With just $8 billion diamond polishing industry has made the world to do salsa on her tunes and has taken a bigger slice of the global gems and jewellery through magnificent designs and manufacturing. It is controlling [...]

Freelance Jobs India

Freelance writing is one of the most rapidly growing jobs in India. As many people are getting in to this. In the various sectors of Indian Economy these jobs are has taken a big leap and will do better in future is what economists predicts, obviously with a book of facts and figures. As we [...]