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Telemarketing Jobs In India

Very often we come across phone calls where a lady with sweet voice greets us and explains about the purpose why she is making the call. She goes on speaking that a particular bank is given specific amount of loan at a very minimal interest when compared to other banks in the market. If we [...]

Taxation Sector Jobs in India

Many people who finish their studies aspire to acquire a job in taxation sector. In developing countries like India, jobs opportunities in this specific sector are wide open. Also there are various jobs cultivated in different fields of this sector. So before joining a job in this sector, it is advised to study various aspects [...]

Senior Executive Jobs In India

Senior executive job, as the name cites is of high benchmark and it demands the professional seeking it must possess the quality of managing work and man power allotted to him. As told by some great old person, “experience says it all in performing a task”, a good back hand experience always stands out for [...]

Secretarial Jobs India

A secretary is basically an administrative assistant in a business organization. Traditionally the duties which were involved with the secretary were mainly related to correspondence. One of the examples is typing of letters. The coming up of various softwares related to such applications has drastically decremented the time such duties actually require. With the result [...]

Purchase Jobs in India

On the advent of expanding business frontiers and cut throat competition, the need to increase sales, maximize the productivity levels and efficiency levels and cutting of the overhead costs and other types of costs is the need of the hour. It is very much understood by the companies that wisdom lies in adopting grabbing the [...]

Operations Management Jobs in India

In many business enterprises, operations management is a module. It’s mandatory for a company to possess minimal amount of operations management skills. Without these skills, surviving of an enterprise is next to impossible. For smooth functioning of any size firm, operations management is required. A small set of lawyers belonging to a firm need to [...]

Material Management Jobs in India

Material management is a very important sector which contributes to the consolidated success of an enterprise. It carries out the responsibilities of purchasing adequate property. Material management also deals with property acquisition, warehousing, contract and lastly the disposal of unwanted quantities. It covers all other aspects of purchase, maintenance, disposal and services to the registered [...]

Management Consulting Careers in India

Management is defined as ‘ the art of getting results through other people’. It is change that makes management necessary and often the requirements of change make management difficult. Consultancies provide organizational change management assistance , development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development or operational improvement services. Management consultancy is therefore the art of [...]

Human Resources Jobs in India

In today’s business world a multifarious human resource is importunate for over all success, the Indian HR professionals are admiring and far to tempting for the international industry to over look them. The fruitful HR practices in India are being adopted and praised by international companies all over the world. According to the census and [...]

Front Office Jobs in India

If we happen to visit any organisation’s office, we find a reception cordon waiting for our welcome. Employees in this sector make the face of the office. They depict norms of the organisation and protocol to be followed after crossing this line of control. The jobs which comprise of such welcoming arena or reception cordon [...]