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Mainframe Jobs In India

Mainframes are high end commercial machines or computers, mainly used by large organizations, for important applications, usually mass data processing such as money transaction processing, census, Enterprise resource planning(ERP), consumer and industry statistics. The term initially originated from the primitive mainframes, which were housed in massive metal frames or boxes. Presently the term is used … Continue reading

Java Jobs in India

Developed as part of the “Green Project” in the year 1991 by a team of developers led by James Gosling of the Sun Microsystems, Java never looked back since then. This team took a solid 18month period to evolve the so-called Java, which was code named “Oak” initially. In the process of anticipating the “next … Continue reading

Information Technology Jobs

The rapid expansion of information technology and computers has created a huge requirement for highly skilled and well educated professionals to develop and design contemporary hardware and software. An information technology professional’s career growth is more than the professionals in other occupations because organizations accept and amalgamate increasingly suave technology. The IT industry is witnessing … Continue reading

Information Security Jobs

As the world is rapidly changing by the hour, technology is becoming highly complicated and there are loads of new, improved ideas which are being developed every hour. As you log into your gmail account, without your notice, your username and password have been saved somewhere. A pop-up ad might infuse a virus into your … Continue reading

Hardware Networking Jobs

Networking hardware refers to the connecting of a number of hardware devices and equipments to enable a computer network. These devices maybe routers, switches, access points, NIC (Network Interface Cards) etc., Networking hardware by the usage of copper-based Ethernet adapters is the most prevalent way of networking due to its involvement in many modern computer … Continue reading

Graphic Design Jobs in India

As today’s generation in India is looking for career opportunities which explore their own creativity and imagination, there are many new jobs on the rise. The students in this generation want to be unique and have something that sets them apart from everyone else. Jobs like web designing and graphic designing are becoming popular day … Continue reading

ERP-CRM Jobs In India

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning refers to integration of various processes of an organization into a single unified system. This integration is achieved by the use of multiple software and hardware components. On the other hand Customer Relationship Management or simply CRM is basically a customer centered business strategy. It’s main objectives are revenue, profitability … Continue reading

EDP Jobs In India

EDP is the field of the industry which pertains to the electronic data processing which is a substantial part of the IT industry; it basically incorporates the automated ways of processing the commercial and the industrial data to aid the industry. Normally they employ largely, relatively simple and repetitive activities to process similar type of … Continue reading

Desktop Support Jobs India

It is very important to guard our organization from attackers and internal problems. How much ever care we take for the security, breaches do come. Breaches come not only from outside via internet but also from internal users who unwillingly download harmful code which is a threat to the organization. The least expected yet the … Continue reading

Digital Microprocessor Jobs

An embedded system is basically a computer which can execute assigned tasks. Embedded systems are present in most of the devices which we use these days and act as there controlling units. Embedded systems can be divided into two types; they are micro controllers and microprocessors. A microprocessor generally executes single and specific tasks, whereas … Continue reading