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Suzlon Energy LtdSuzlon Energy Ltd is the company that is based in India and working with the energy generation sector of India. Precisely, it is actually working with wind energy. The company has really done some of the great work in the field of wind energy production. The growth of Suzlon Energy Ltd can be estimated with the fact that the company has now become one of those five suppliers that are rated as best in supplying wind turbines. It certainly is amazing for a company of the age of Suzlon Energy Ltd as it was established in 1995 and in the matter of these few years, it has certainly become able to provide the best solutions for India pertaining to energy. Today, Suzlon Energy Ltd has become able to provide 3GW of wind turbine capacity in different parts of the world.

There are lots of achievements that Suzlon Energy Ltd has done; however, there are quite a few which are really amazing and enormous as well. One such thing is about the windpark that Suzlon Energy Ltd is developing in Maharashtra; the most important thing about this project is that it has a capacity of 1000MW. Company is really getting better and better with time as total revenue of the company have now reached to USD1405 million.

Suzlon Energy Ltd is also performing an extraordinary job in the development of windfarms. It also provides all sorts of infrastructure to complete the development of the farms. When you will come across one of these windfarms, you will certainly appreciate the professionalism an understanding that Suzlon Energy Ltd use to complete its projects. The people here are the best resources for the company who help and assist in successful completion of all sorts of projects. It is the quality of Suzlon Energy Ltd that it chooses only the best people to work with and that is thing that make them sure about the standards that they have already set. Matching the standards set by other companies is a relatively easy thing; however, the difficult thing is to match the standards that you have already achieved once. It’s all about maintaining and sustaining the quality and that’s where the people come in for the company.

Suzlon Energy Ltd Suzlon Energy Ltd Suzlon Energy Ltd
Suzlon Energy Ltd also invites people who think that they can help the company to maintain their level of quality and high rated standards. Also, the other thing that they want in the candidates is the learning aptitude. It is a really important thing as you will have to learn a lot of new things and you will have to learn them fast as there is no place for a person who take so much time as the technologies are evolving after every single day. So, you must understand that you will be required to go through some training sessions, however, that will only be possible if you successfully go through the initial stages of recruitment. Also, you must have the required education to find a place in the research and development section of the company. The best thing about working at Suzlon Energy Ltd is that you will get some of the best packages as most of the multinational companies offer to their people.

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  2. mahendra kumar sharma

    kindily send the jobs of Suzlon Energy group

  3. Jitendra saraswat

    Sir i’m a diploma holder in electrical engg. now i’m working in telecome sector plz give me a good job….\
    help me……………………..

  4. Dinesh Naval

    Dear sir,
    i am diploma electrical engineer with 5 years exp.
    I am intersted for join of sozlon energy ltd at jasilermer if you have requirement of job please call me

    With Regards
    Dinesh Naval
    Sr. engineer

  5. rahul s. khandare

    hello sir im rahul
    sir im working in pasific pipe system pvt ltd ahmedabad
    as QA Engg.
    sir i will like to join ur company plz if any vaccuncy of their regarding production engg.
    plz contact me
    thanking u


  6. mohana suresh

    i have good qualification in mechanical testing and maintenance with general international standard ,, learned in singapore

  7. arjun choudhary

    i am arjun choudhary my qualification in chemistry please selection procedure detail send me

  8. m.g.shrinath

    i’m studying and environmental engineering) in TNAU. pls let me know any jobs available in Suzlon energy Ltd.

  9. Vijay Kumar

    A serving sergeant of Indian Air Force with Diploma in Electrical Engineering having 18 years of experience in different facets of Indian Air Force

    Mobile: 9971672145, 9350222605

  10. Harish patil


    I have a good Experince in account& officelwork

  11. Rajeshkanna

    hi i am Rajesh kanna from Chennai.I hv experience of 5 yrs in wind turbine manufact co diplomo in mechnical .i lik to work i suzlon mainly at tamil nau or chennai

  12. Rahul Patil

    Respected Sir,
    I am writing this cover letter to formally apply for the position of Logistic Officer at your well known company.
    I have completed following qualification.
    1) I have completed M.C.M. from North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.

    I have never been a maintainer, but up to a certain extend I enjoy resolving problems, taking challenges and being a part of the business growth factor. If you are looking for the person that puts fires and improve services level then I would like to join your company. Thanks you very much for your time and consideration.
    Please find the attached my resume.

    Rahul N. Patil.

  13. suyash tiwari

    MBA in international business plus 3 years experience of business development.

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