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Pantaloon Retail

Jobs in Pantaloon RetailThese days, one of the most important businesses is the retail business. In India there are quite a few companies who are associated with these kinds of businesses, however, there are few companies which are working remarkably well and Pantaloon Retail is one of those companies. There is a quite diversified range of products that Pantaloon Retail have in their inventory. They are providing some of the best quality products in food, beauty products, fashion, general merchandise, books, music and a lot of other things come under their supply. The company is really making a lot of profit by supplying some of the best ever products, also, another fact that is important in this regard is that India is also one of the major consumer markets in the world, so it becomes far more easy for the companies like Pantaloon Retail to earn as much of profit as they want to. However, earning profit is no the only thing that can help people to establish a reputation and expand their business. The other thing is the quality, if you don’t have the quality with you; you can not last long in this competitive world. The best of the business that they are doing is in the lifestyle industry in which you can find some the best fashion and beauty products. You can also come across some of the subsidiary companies for Pantaloon Retail, for instance, Home Solutions Retail (India) Limited, is one of the subsidiary company that deals with all the solutions that can make your home look better. You can also check them online as their website is available for you to checkout different products which are at amazingly low prices.

The other thing that will help you estimate the volume of the company is when you will hear about its stores. It feels like Pantaloon Retail has its presence in almost all of the cities. There are as many as 1000 stores in India which you can find in more than 53 cities. This truly is amazing, however, the other amazing thing is that there are almost 25000 people who are working in these stores and endeavoring to take the business to new heights.

Jobs in Pantaloon Retail Jobs in Pantaloon Retail Jobs in Pantaloon Retail
Because of the reputation and business scale of the company, there are a lot of people who yearn to serve the company. However, what company demands from them are creativity and a sense of responsibility. You must have the ability to find out different ways to solve specific problems. Also, the people with strategic plans and understandings are welcomed by the company as they know that these people can really come with some solutions that can help them to maintain the growth pace and the standard of quality in the products that they are manufacturing. Also, the people who are related to finance and management field can get in the company, so, if you are having a degree pertaining to finance and management, then you must watch out for the vacancies and must jump on them as soon as they show up.

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  1. somya arora

    As i will complete my B.A(H) in economics this year.So i want a job in Pantaloon Retail.


    I,ABOOBAKER DAWOOD PAKHALI ,have 11 yrs aboard experience ,worked in al shaya international ltd, landmark group, sony india ltd.
    please let me know if any vacancy are available for the post of store manager or area manager.

    Thank you.



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