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Dabur IndiaDo you know as what is the name of India’s fourth largest FMCG company that has a turnover of 2396 crore? Well, there is not prize for guessing as it is quite obvious that the company is Dabur India Limited. Dabur India Limited is producing some of the best ever products related to health care and personal care. When you will go a little more in the details of the company, you will find out some of the brands which are quite popular these days and really in demand by most of the people. Dabur Amala, Dabur Vatika, Dabur Chyawanprash are few of the brands which every one is using these days. The company was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Ghaziabad. Since its establishment, Dabur India limited has come a long way and now you can find it in more than five countries with products all around the world. Another amazing fact about the company is that the growth rate for it has really improved; in fact the fluctuation is something that is enough to flabbergast anyone. It has grown from 10% to 40%. Isn’t it amazing, well certainly is and that’s why Dabur is the fourth largest. Today, there are all sorts of thing that Dabur is producing and you can find whatever you desire and it includes some diversified products like toothpaste, shampoo, digestives like Hajmola, juices, skin care products, hair oil, health supplements and a lot of other things can be found under the name of Dabur India Limited.

Dabur India Dabur India Dabur India

Starting a career with Dabur India Limited is certainly a desire for most of the professionals and individuals with specific education. If you have that little bit extra in you, Dabur India Limited will certainly acknowledge that and will give you exactly what you are worth and think that you should be getting. Also, another feature that you must keep in mind or it would be more appropriate to say that it is the feature that most people keep in mind while applying for a job in Dabur India Limited and that is the work environment in Dabur India Limited. When you will look out for some of the best places to work in India, you will find Dabur India Limited in one of them. Also, the other best thing is that they care for their people and the employees and understand that the technologies are something that is always at the brink of evolving and you will get a new one every other day. So, they understand the whole situation and arrange some professional training sessions that can help their people to work at the standards that international companies have set for them.

The opportunities at Dabur India Limited are limitless, especially if you are having that spark in you, you can go the furthest. There is a great scope of improvement in the jobs related to sales and marketing as these are the key factors for the business and it’s not different for Dabur India Limited.

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