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Cadbury IndiaNowadays, you may not be able to find a person who says that he doesn’t like Chocolates. Chocolates and other sweets related to this has always been a thing of great joy for most of the people throughout the world. That is one of the reasons that there have been some of the big names who deal in this kind of products. When you talk about India, you will come across Cadbury India, who is one of the leading companies in India to cater the need of the people pertaining to different sweets. Cadbury Scwepps plc is the name of company that is based in UK and it Cadbury India is a subsidiary of that company in India. Cadbury India was established in 1948. The main function of the company was to import chocolates and then repack them to make them suitable for Indian market. You can visit its corporate office that is in Mumbai.

There was a time when Cadbury first introduced in India and today it is the time when it has a great place in Indian market. There have been some other brands as well that are sold under the name of Cadbury. 5star, Éclairs, Cadbury Dairy Milk and few others are the brands that you can find quite easily in Indian market these days. However, that is not the full stop for the products and brands that Cadbury India is producing, in fact there are specific milk food drinks as well which are under its production. Bournvita is one such name that has gained immense reputation and popularity in all the places in India. You may not be able to find a person who may say that he is unfamiliar of the name of Bournvita or Cadbury for that matter. That is the charm that Cadbury has created in India.

One thing that can be said about Cadbury that it is one of those brands that successfully have created a name of their own with the basic idea of spreading happiness. That is one of the reasons that the employees here are also treated as one of the family member. Considering the packages and the facilities, more and more youngsters are now prepared to secure a job in this company. However, what they want is commitment from their employees. The commitment that they will strive hard to bring the best to their consumers as the chocolates and other such products are all about quality, hence it only depends on people who are making it.

Cadbury India Cadbury India Cadbury India

The first thing that you can do is to join as a trainee which is referred as Purple Star Program. Herein, you will get a feel and an understanding as how things work for Cadbury. Once you become able to perform well by understanding the core concepts, you can then proceed with some regular positions in the company. Other than that, you may have to go through a placement paper in which the general aptitude will be checked. You can then proceed for different jobs in which Finance related jobs and Management jobs are quite common and popular as people go for them at first.

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