Jobs in Bajaj Group

Bajaj GroupWhen it comes to the company that is manufacturing two or three wheelers for that matter, then the first name for an Indian will certainly be Bajaj. Bajaj Group is considered to be the fourth largest manufacturers in the world pertaining to automobile. Also, when you talk about the business houses in India as a whole with all specialties, Bajaj Group comes in the first ten. The group was established in 1929 and it was well before the establishment of India which occurred in 1947. There was the time when Bajaj Group was more of Bajaj Auto and known for its scooters. Although, the scooters were quite in demand but it was lacking that multi-dimensions in its product line. However, today there is a whole lot range of different sorts of scooters, bikes, cars and other automobiles that makes it one of the very best in India. There are a lot of amazing facts and figures that will spellbind any of the reader. They history is certainly amazing and the first thing that is essential in the establishment of any business is the courage of the founder. Herein, it was Jamnalal Bajaj, who was having a great dedication to the task that helped him in a great way to attain the place where the group is standing right now.

Working in the company is certainly a thing to be proud on. There are more than 10,250 employees in the company who are working for the betterment of all the products that the group is producing right now. If you are also interested in joining the company, then the first thing you require is competence. Competence is the first thing that will help you to come at the top in any field, but when you will be applying for Bajaj Group, you will have to compete with numerous other candidates who may be equipped with all sorts of skills and knowledge. However, one thing that is quite heartening for the candidates and the youngsters who are looking to start their careers with Bajaj Group is that there are a lot of companies that have now been under the name of Bajaj that is the reason why you can get a place in any one of those companies.

Bajaj Group Bajaj Group Bajaj Group

All of those companies offer some of the great job opportunities to all the people from all over the nation. Bajaj Auto Ltd, Bajaj Electrical Ltd, Bajaj Auto Finance, Jeevan Limited, The Hindustan Housing Co, Ltd and a lot of other companies can be found under the Bajaj Group. The first thing that you must be observing is that there is a diversification in all the companies that is one of the reason why there are opportunities for all sorts of degree holders. For Placement papers, you will have to go through a specific test checking your knowledge and understanding along with the maturity that you have. You will have to go through a test where you will be giving a written test along with a group discussion. These are the basic things that you will have to cover, if it seems difficulty, don’t worry, it’s worth it.

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