Industrial Security in India has evolved from some certain factors and let us makes a discussion formulation that is based on it. On 10th March 1969, the parliament of India enacted an act to set up the Central Industrial Security Force. With immediate affect on 15th June 1983, another act was passed by the parliament, which established the CISF as an armed force of the union. As with increase in population the need for the security in industries are growing with a big moose.

Youngsters were getting interested in industrial security jobs in India. Accountability of this is really a provision of temptation. But what makes it to join this field that is the career scopes which will click at first the CISF. It is currently providing security measures to over 350 units of plants across the country. Let us take the emphasis important industrial sectors, such as:

a) Space Installations.
b) Thermal Power Plants.
c) Defense Production Units.
d) Major Air and Sea Ports.
e) Mints.
f) Oil Fields.
g) Steel Plants.
h) Fertilizer Units.
i) Barrages.
j) Refineries.
k) Heavy Engineering.
l) Fertilizer Units.
m) Hydro-electric Power Plants.

But there is a fact that these organs are almost situated in the difficult and peculiar regions of the country where its extreme climatic conditions. Thus, without any protective measures, the above mentioned areas can be a soft target for the terrorist organizations and can in a way endanger the national security. Hence, there is need to be protect the nation.

The career in CISF involves some quite important duties such as:
a) Providing internal security.
b) Highway security.
c) Election duties.

The tasks include:
• Providing security to PSUs and its employees
• Stop thefts, pilferage in the industries
• Handle industrial emergencies
• Update the Home Ministry on Industrial Security matters
• Supervise industrial security arrangements
But the question is still buried under the land that where to provide such training and from to get the required qualification for this, thus CISF personnel are trained in:
National Industrial Security Academy, Hyderabad.
They are also trained in the Recruit Training Centre in:
• Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu
• Barwaha, MP
• Bhilai, Chattisgarh
• Deoli, Rajasthan.
• Mundali, Orissa