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Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even though you wish they were. A very well said quote. In India, if this to be commented the phase is change and the intensity is the reciprocal of humanity.

Hotel industry in India is at its peak. Nobody in the world in unaware with the news that commonwealth games will have is next destination Delhi in 2010. Which involves a total investment of about seventeen hundred crore and even more than that; this is just the infrastructure part.

While putting light on the facts we’ll come to know that there is a shortage of quality people in this industry. Last year approximately one lac two thousand student got placed in top ratted hotels, resorts and other rest houses. And still it’s not sufficient, they want more.

Their in no second opinion that in the current government plans for the tourism department our foreign exchange stock got increased by nine percent.

In 2004 hospitality industry contributed 2% to GDP while on 2007 it was 8.8%; this is to what we say an amazing figure. Yes, with inflation on tourism products made some hard changes but the progress has undo that all.

The boost for the tourism industry made the investment by the government in the public sector was about five hundred and twenty crore. The young, smart youth is undoubtedly going towards this industry as it gives them the early exposure in the industry. Hotel management is one of the first priorities among the students. Even schools, colleges are doing their best to prepare students for this industry.

With some knowledge on technical grounds and good personality they are earning very high salary and growing with the wave. As with every percent growth of India it is racing very fast and became the biggest consumer and historical hub for the foreign investors and tourist.

As per infrastructure is to be studied, India needs about fifteen hundred more hotels in the metropolitan states in the country. As India hold these international events like commonwealth games, cultural shows, trade fairs it is just to attract foreign people and showcasing our culture and place. Delhi, Rajasthan, cereal, and some other parts are the busiest destination. It is very difficult to find a stay here in all 365 days.

With the current estimation it is concluded that there is a need of about one million people in this hospitality industry and we are going through a very high shortage. There is even a chance that just not degree graduated, commercial groups are ready to hire the diploma or just basic qualified people but with good personality for this. It’s true if the country has to succeed like Dubai did in tourism, we need more and more young graduate. Because this industry offering a big scope and it’s on its high boom.

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