Front Office Jobs in India

If we happen to visit any organisation’s office, we find a reception cordon waiting for our welcome. Employees in this sector make the face of the office. They depict norms of the organisation and protocol to be followed after crossing this line of control. The jobs which comprise of such welcoming arena or reception cordon in an organisation or company’s office are termed as front office jobs. This sector is of extreme importance nowadays in any organisation as they manage the visitors and direct the visitors to appropriate cabin without much confusion. The name front office originated from the fact that these set of jobs constitute the front part of the entrance i.e. region close to the entrance of the office which can keep a track on the visitors and also manage them effectively. Another ardent fact custom proven for this sector of jobs is that 90% of front office jobs are bagged by female candidates.

Many organisations want their goal oriented program to run without any unwanted and unnecessary distractions. Disturbance to staff and program is not wished by any organisations. The main distraction factor in any office is caused due to visitors as they pop in directly and creates confusion inside. So this situation ensures to have a system which maintains a protocol for visitors who wish to meet a specific employee on some purpose. Front office section is a must in any kind of organisation nowadays. This opens up wide offers which are ready to be grabbed in this sector. Openings are very decent and attractive as well. Candidates good at reception can apply without second thought. These jobs play significant role in business management of the company. As the significance grows, the pay package rises accordingly. In developing countries like India, where many MNC’s are putting up their respective trade centres front office jobs are in great demand.

A good efficient front office job seeker should possess excellent communication both verbal and written. Also decent knowledge regarding computer and internet give that cutting edge to one’s ability to break in to such stream. Front office jobs mainly concentrate on areas like receiving incoming calls, Handling emails and replying them, managing guests and visitors, EPBX etc. Front office jobs are extremely important as they depict the hospitality of the company in the first case. So job seekers have to keep this in mind and act accordingly. As receiving calls is much in the same as call centre scenario but the calls here are based on business deals verifications etc. For this part of job, the job seeker should be extremely good at listening and polite to reply back the clients of the company. Candidate is expected to be highly patient to answer numerous calls. Also guests need to be good care of. Humble behaviour needs to be displayed before honourable guests which is another angle of this job. Such kinds of qualities are generally possessed by females, so they are preferred over male candidates normally.

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