Economics in India is a unique part of the disciplined social sciences. Economics study the different corners, correlations spectrum between an individual and the society. It is concerned with the proportions of aspects of how the goods and services are to be produced, distributed and consumed.

Excellence in this sector is attracting many students and freshers. As we do have the noble laureate Amartya Sen. the impact results in huge interests in economics and business careers in India.

But here the goggl-y strike, that what and where this economics provide employment to people. This job is for those who have the unique vision and most realistically possible thoughts. Economics offers specialization in many zones such as: Development Economics, Financial Economics, industrial economics, international economics, agriculture economics, labor economics, econometrics, Rural Economics, Economics of Human Resource Development, Health Economics, Development and Business Economics.

To be in this field what are the technical grounds one should know to fight the battle. Well the eligibility for such an honored graduate programs mathematics in 10 + 2 level is the deemed necessary to be eligible for interested students. Now, what are institutes which offer this course and in forms is this is available. On the present phase fifteen universities are offering this course as B.A and M.A courses in Business Economics. All over the country, these courses are very professional and very famous among the students. As, they get chance to learn the minor and major platforms of economics and business financial strategies. With undoubtedly results in better and in more efficient way.

The young graduates in commerce, BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) and BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) can opt for higher education in economics. The best leading institutions and research institutes for economics studies are the Delhi School of Economics, Indian Statistical Institute, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Jawaharlal Nehru University and the IIMs offer promising courses. These universities also provide MA in economics through correspondence medium. After this to enter in the corporate market an economic graduate can also go for business oriented courses. Such as Certified Treasury Manager, Certified Inventory Manager, Fellow programmer in Finance, Basic Business Finance, Management of Business and Finance, Management Development Programs and many others.

Economist are the very well deserved and respected designation in the developing country like India where every passing sun brings complication and with our growing speed the economists plays a vital role in it. The basic development involves is the job insecurity as it doesn’t have fixes cement in their feet. Though, the above mentioned additional courses bring stability and a freedom to express your policies and your conclusions. Thus there is a vast scope lying in this field in the country’s soil.