Banking Jobs in India

Banking is an evergreen and an ever-growing sector in any given economy. No part of the modern world is devoid of banks and easy banking facilities. In India, millions of people save and store their life-long hard earned wealth in the numerous banks that are available. ICICI, HDFC, HSBC, Standard-Chartered, Axis Bank etc are some of the major corporate banking firms available in India. These banking firms provide services catering the lowest income class to the business and the super rich class of people.

Over the last decade, a sea change took place in Indian banking industry. The expanding economy, increasing per capita income of the public, high growth in businesses etc has brought in tremendous amounts of wealth. This wealth needs to be managed and this is done by the banks. So, the banks have expanded their reach, added a range of services and hence attracted new customers. But, to maintain the customer satisfaction the banks needed lots of man power and hence gave way to millions of jobs in the banking sector.

Today’s banks provide complete financial solutions to the customer ranging from conventional FD’s and savings accounts to more convenient and sophisticated services like Electronic Funds Transfer, Online Banking and Online Trading. Some of the specialized services offered by these banks are :
1. Loans
2. Insurance
3. Property solutions
4. Money transfer
5. Demat account
6. Online trading
7. Wealth Management
8. Credit card/Debit card/ ATM card services

To cater to all these services, banks require huge manpower. The career options provided by the banking sector include graduates and post graduates from a varied range of fields.
Skilled people from Commerce, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management etc are sought after by these banking firms. Apart from these the demand for database management, online transactions, customer support, credit cards/debit cards, online trading etc require experienced computer and IT skilled people and hence the IT and ITES is also directly related with the banking industry.

CEO’s, GM’s, Sales and Operations Managers, Financial Managers, Financial Analysts, Loan Officers, Accountants and Auditors, Financial Advisors happen to be some of the top brass jobs in the banking sector.Apart from these, the banking sector requires Computer system analysts, software engineers, Programmers, system support experts etc from the IT and the ITES sector.

So far we mentioned the high skilled and technical man power required to the banking sector. The medium and low skilled administrative staff and entry level people have ample number of opportunities in the banking sector too. Customer care representatives, telemarketers, Loan and insurance agents, bookkeeping, audit and accounting clerks, loan interviewers,

Candidates with proficiency in English, good communication and interpersonal skills, ease at numbers, good computer knowledge are eligible to apply for entry level and medium level jobs. CA’s, MBA’s etc can easily make it into the top cadre of the banking firms.

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