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Jobs in UB Groups

UB Groups UB Group refers to a group names as United Breweries Group. This is one of those groups in India whose main focus is on the beverages. There are different beverages that come under their product line; however, the emphasis is on alcoholic beverages. There are quite a few products in this regard; however, [...]

Jobs in TVS Group

TVS Group When it comes to India, you will find lots of things of different varieties. You can find some of the ancient and historical places. However, this certainly is the one thing as there are a lot more things that you will enjoy about India. When you talk about old, you will find some [...]

Jobs in Tata Group

Tata Group Tata Group was established in 1868 and one of the group in India which is working successfully in other countries as well. Most of the people in India are aware of the name as they are quite popular in general public. When it comes to business, Tata Group is the largest pertaining to [...]

Jobs in Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Suzlon Energy Ltd. Suzlon Energy Ltd is the company that is based in India and working with the energy generation sector of India. Precisely, it is actually working with wind energy. The company has really done some of the great work in the field of wind energy production. The growth of Suzlon Energy Ltd can [...]

Jobs in Sterlite Industries

Sterlite Industries Sterlite Industries is the major and one of the top companies who are working to deal with the copper needs of the country. There are quite a few achievements that come under the belt of Sterlite Industries; however, one of them is that they are considered to be the first company who set [...]

Jobs in Sahara India

Sahara India These days Indian economy is really on a boast. One of the reasons is that the country is the home for many of the business tycoons. These are the companies which are creating a lot of opportunities in terms of employment. To secure jobs in these companies, people are now more concerned about [...]

Jobs in Reliance Group

Reliance Group In a country, you can find a lot of companies indulging in different sorts of business and contributing towards the economy of the country as a whole. However, among these companies, you can always find some of the companies which are supposed to be the benchmark for all others. The quality and the [...]

Jobs in Reliance ADAG

Reliance ADAG Reliance ADAG is one of the leading companies in India. ADAG stands for Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. The company has a great place of its own among the top business houses; in fact, it is one of the top three private business houses who are working in India. There are quite a few [...]

Jobs in Ranbaxy

Ranbaxy Ranbaxy is the company in India that was established in 1961. The business area for the company is Pharmaceuticals; in fact, it is the largest pharmaceutical company in India today. The reason of the company to be this big is because of its presence in countries other than India. You can find them working [...]

Jobs in Proctor & Gamble India

Proctor & Gamble India In India you can find subsidiary companies for many of the world renowned companies. Proctor & Gamble India is one of them. Proctor & Gamble is originally a company in USA that has a great place in the corporate world especially regarding the consumer products. As India is a large consumer [...]