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Airline jobs are some of the most sought after jobs in the present day. The inflow of large number of airliners and carriers, both national and international, has created thousands of job opportunities for the young and fresh as well as the experienced and the highly qualified. The scope of Airline jobs varies from entry level trainees to on board and cabin crew, from the aircraft maintenance and repair to the pilot and captain. Apart from these, the aircraft manufacturing industries are on a high as the present aviation market situation in India is like never before. More and more new international airports, the tremendous increase in the number of air travelers every year, the increase in the number of super rich class who can afford private jets and choppers etc are causing the present boom.

It is dream come true for many people to get into these Airline jobs.

It is the future of the upswing aviation industry that is attracting people into the industry. International carriers like KLM, Lufthansa, Emirates and many more run their operations from many cities in the country.

Job requirements
The job demands good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Although most of the entry level jobs do not require any sort of prior experience, the candidate should have a good attitude and physical and mental health. Also, for certain posts such as on board technician or pilot etc should meet certain standards and pass certain tests to be eligible for the job.

Growth in the industry
The aviation and airline industry requirements in the coming years, is going to increase tremendously. The Airline industry consists of the following openings and opportunities at present.

Ground services
Air Traffic control, transit passenger services, airport staff, passenger, crew and carrier management, cargo storage and cargo management, route allowance.

On board flight crew
Air hostesses, flight stewards, flight attendants, captains, pilots and co-pilots.

Accounts staff, IT staff, customs, ticketing and baggage staff, senior management or director.

Technical staff
Licensed engineers for airframe, engines and avionics, civil engineers and mechanical engineers,

Auxiliary Opportunities
The connection of aviation industry with so many other ancillary industries widens the horizons of job opportunities in this booming sector. Five-star hotels, travel and tourism, security services, construction companies, spares and maintenance etc are some of many industries attached to the airline industry.

The government has established numerous institutes to meet the requirement for the increasing number of trained people in the domestic and international market alike.

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