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UB Groups
UB Group

UB GroupUB Group refers to a group names as United Breweries Group. This is one of those groups in India whose main focus is on the beverages. There are different beverages that come under their product line; however, the emphasis is on alcoholic beverages. There are quite a few products in this regard; however, the beer that this group is producing is certainly something that has earned it a great deal of fame. The brand name for the beer that UB Group is producing is Kingfisher. However, that’s not the only business area that they focus on as there are few others as well. You can now actually find the Kingfisher Airlines, which is the private airline company in India. In beverages, they have again excelled to quite some extent as they are rated as the third largest company in the world when it comes to spirits marketers. There is a sale of more than 60 million cases which certainly is enchanting. In Pharmaceutical, the company that comes under this group that is names as Aventis Pharma Limited is the one which that comes to second place and you can find some of the renowned vaccines and drugs in this company. Along with these business interests, you can also find their involvement in businesses like research and development, infrastructure development, media and trading. All the business areas that UB Group is engaged with is at the highest point in efficiency and also rated amongst the few best in the world and that is one of the reason that the group has secured a lot of awards in appreciation of its work.

UB GroupThere are a lot of people who are working with full might to produce all sorts of product and to provide all sorts of services that companies under this group intend to provide to their customers. The management people are also so able and committed to the task they try to leave no stone unturned in order to solve all sorts of problems that might be hindering company’s progress. All these people are the basic reason of this grand success of the UB Group. For the people who are working in the different companies that come under this group, it certainly is a thing of great honor and financial security. They get specific rewards after achieving specific goals and targets; there are specific remunerations for the employees who outperformed others. So, all these facilities accumulate to form a place where people can come to start their new career and that’s what hundreds of people in India are trying to do.

UB Group

UB GroupFor the people who want to secure a job must keep this in mind that they must be best in their field as it certainly takes some efforts to get in the company, so, you must first prepare yourself for a tough road ahead. You may also have to go through specific interviews where you must expect some of the technical questions which usually will be to evaluate your intellect and confidence.

Jobs in TVS Group

TVS Group
TVS Group

TVS GroupWhen it comes to India, you will find lots of things of different varieties. You can find some of the ancient and historical places. However, this certainly is the one thing as there are a lot more things that you will enjoy about India. When you talk about old, you will find some of the oldest companies in India which are still going strong. TVS Group is one of the groups that are the oldest in India. The basic business area for the group is related to automotives and you can find all sorts of things related to this category as you can find components and other related things. The group also has some interest in electronics and providing some of the best products in this regard as well. The journey of the group is really amazing and is certainly inspiring for most of the people as there was the time when it was just beginning its journey and now you can find as many as thirty companies under the TVS Group. The transformation is really huge and impressive at the same time. The group started its journey in 1911 in an India state named as Tamil Nadu, since then it has just gone strength to strength. Today, you can see the overwhelming turnover that TVS Group is producing which is around US 4 billion. When it comes to transport company, then, TVS and Sons is the company which is considered to be the larges in India pertaining to automobile distribution. However, for heavy duty vehicles there is a separate company with the name of Sundaram Motors.

TVS GroupTo yield a turnover as much as the TVS Group is getting, certainly requires some special efforts on part of the employees and management as well. That is one of the reason there is a huge number of workforce in TVS Group. There are around 25000 people who are working for the betterment of the company. They all do their duties in best possible way and as a result they achieve the targets that are assigned to them. Also, the management team is something that is the main driving factor for the company to attain this place. There are around 30 companies that come under TVS Group and it certainly is a tedious task to control and utilizing the workforce in these companies. But, the beauty and the dedication of the management lies in the fact that they are managing all these companies and the whole world is a spectator as how well are they doing it.

The people at TVS Group are considered to be the prized possession for the company and that is the reason why they are treated with the best possible rewards and pay structure. Also, it invites more and more people to come and play their part in the company’s progress. Also, there are certain companies that come under the group, so, you can try to secure a job in one of those companies. However, a talent and creativity is what they want from you and dedication and commitment are the other things.

Jobs in Tata Group

Tata Group
Tata Group

Tata GroupTata Group was established in 1868 and one of the group in India which is working successfully in other countries as well. Most of the people in India are aware of the name as they are quite popular in general public. When it comes to business, Tata Group is the largest pertaining to revenues and capitalization. The secret for being the best is obvious and that lies in the quality. They never compromised on quality and that is their basic secret of success. There has been a lot of evolution in the Tata Group since it first emerged on the map of the world. Today, you can find as many as 98 companies that are working under the flagship of TATA. You may have already got the idea as how big is the group. There are lots of products and services that you can find under their production; however, the best services that they are doing are in engineering, energy, chemicals and consumer products businesses. Tata GroupThe qualities that all these companies have in common are integrity, excellence, responsibility, understanding and unity. These are the basic things that they have always care about and today they are at the point where there is nothing to challenge their excellence. Besides providing some of the best services in above mentioned fields, the company is really an unbeaten one when it comes to services. Tata-AIG Life Insurance, Tata Economic Consultancy Services, Tata Quality Management Services and Tata Services are few of the services companies that are working under the name Tata. Also, Tata Chemicals is the largest in producing quite a few items, for instance, Soda ash is the product that company is producing in large quantity. Well, as a whole it is really difficult to summarize all the services and products that are under their manufacturing as the list is really lengthy.

Tata GroupHowever, one thing is truly worth mentioning and that is about the capabilities of the group in terms of providing the employment opportunities to Indian people. There are as many as 289,500 employees who are working in different companies of Tata Group and still there is a lot of room for the competent persons to come and show what they can do for the company. The first thing that you will be having at Tata group is the opportunity to learn directly from the giants. You can interact with the people who are the best in their respective field and that can give you a life lasting experience. Other than this, there is a whole lot range of benefits and rewards that different companies of group offer to their employees. As a whole, it will be enough to mention that Tata is the largest employer who is working in the private sector. However, for the people who are interested to get in the company, they will have to go through some specific placement papers. You may have to give these papers especially when you will be applying in Tata Chemicals as there you will have to prove your eligibility and knowledge, beforehand.
Tata GroupTata GroupTata Group

Jobs in Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Suzlon Energy Ltd.
Suzlon Energy Ltd

Suzlon Energy Ltd is the company that is based in India and working with the energy generation sector of India. Precisely, it is actually working with wind energy. The company has really done some of the great work in the field of wind energy production. The growth of Suzlon Energy Ltd can be estimated with the fact that the company has now become one of those five suppliers that are rated as best in supplying wind turbines. It certainly is amazing for a company of the age of Suzlon Energy Ltd as it was established in 1995 and in the matter of these few years, it has certainly become able to provide the best solutions for India pertaining to energy. Today, Suzlon Energy Ltd has become able to provide 3GW of wind turbine capacity in different parts of the world.

There are lots of achievements that Suzlon Energy Ltd has done; however, there are quite a few which are really amazing and enormous as well. One such thing is about the windpark that Suzlon Energy Ltd is developing in Maharashtra; the most important thing about this project is that it has a capacity of 1000MW. Company is really getting better and better with time as total revenue of the company have now reached to USD1405 million.

Suzlon Energy LtdSuzlon Energy Ltd is also performing an extraordinary job in the development of windfarms. It also provides all sorts of infrastructure to complete the development of the farms. When you will come across one of these windfarms, you will certainly appreciate the professionalism an understanding that Suzlon Energy Ltd use to complete its projects. The people here are the best resources for the company who help and assist in successful completion of all sorts of projects. It is the quality of Suzlon Energy Ltd that it chooses only the best people to work with and that is thing that make them sure about the standards that they have already set. Matching the standards set by other companies is a relatively easy thing; however, the difficult thing is to match the standards that you have already achieved once. It’s all about maintaining and sustaining the quality and that’s where the people come in for the company.

Suzlon Energy Ltd also invites people who think that they can help the company to maintain their level of quality and high rated standards. Also, the other thing that they want in the candidates is the learning aptitude. It is a really important thing as you will have to learn a lot of new things and you will have to learn them fast as there is no place for a person who take so much time as the technologies are evolving after every single day. So, you must understand that you will be required to go through some training sessions, however, that will only be possible if you successfully go through the initial stages of recruitment. Also, you must have the required education to find a place in the research and development section of the company. The best thing about working at Suzlon Energy Ltd is that you will get some of the best packages as most of the multinational companies offer to their people.

Jobs in Sterlite Industries

Sterlite Industries
Sterlite Industries

Sterlite Industries is the major and one of the top companies who are working to deal with the copper needs of the country. There are quite a few achievements that come under the belt of Sterlite Industries; however, one of them is that they are considered to be the first company who set up their refinery for copper in the private sector of India. The best thing that has really worked in the favor of the company is that there are the people who are result oriented, these are the people who have helped Sterlite Industries to achieve this remarkable place and they also understand as how to take this company to the highest point of excellence. They always have a goal in mind and that’s the first thing that is extremely important for the companies in this competitive corporate world. They are really giving it all to make their company to be the first in the field of copper production and they have already started working on the idea as you can estimate their pace with the fact that they now have the 43 percent of the share of the market as a whole, which certainly will grow with time. There two mine that Sterlite Industries has and a smelter in Tamil Nadu, India. It also has plants at different locations in India.

Sterlite IndustriesSterlite Industries is one of those companies who rate their people as their best assets and that is the reason why they care for their needs and requirements. There certainly are a lot of people who just wish that they get a chance to work for the company. However, to fulfill your dream, you will have to go through some extensive efforts as it’s not simple to get an opportunity to work for companies like Sterlite Industries. Also, you will have to comply with the requirements that they may have in order to offer you a place. They understand that all of the people are ordinary but what is extraordinary is the talent that helps them to achieve the tasks which can’t be achieved someone who lacks that talent and skill. That is the main feature that you will find in all of the professionals in Sterlite Industries. However, what counts in the company is not only the education but the skill and understandings about tackling things as it can be a really different expereice to deal with the problem in real sense than to deal that on paper.

Also, you must possess some idea as how manufacturing process works in the company and what are the technical things that you need keep an eye on? These things are of utmost importance as your agility in understanding the basic working and you proficiency of finding solutions to problems can certainly earn you a great place in Sterlite Industries. You must also be dedicated and committed to work your heart out as that is the requirement of the company. But, the better you will perform, the higher will be the facilities and other rewards for you to enjoy. So, it certainly is simple to work in the company, however, certainly not that simple to reach to point of entrance in the company.