Jobs in DLF India

With 224 million sq. ft of developments, DLF India is one of the leading real estate developing companies in India. When there comes the matter of real estate, there is nothing as important as quality. The more quality of work and quality of ingredient, one will put in, the better will be the result and the strength of the building. That is the main emphasis of DLF India and they are so concerned about the quality that they don’t take any chances whatsoever. You can check them working in all sorts of projects but their best contribution is towards making Offices, homes and last but certainly not the least Shopping Malls. They understand the basics that most of the people want when they come to them with an idea of getting a home or office or a shopping mall for that matter.

When it comes to a point where you talk about country’s growth, then there are some sure short indicators that can help you understand the whole standings of the country and Infrastructure sector is certainly one of those indicators that can help anyone to decide about the growth rate of a country. In India, the need and the scope for infrastructure is really high, that is one of the reason that government is making investment in this field and with the companies like DLF India, they are getting able to achieve what they have desired. Another reason of their success and acquiring this much of company size lies n the fact that they have constantly endeavored to come form a partnership with the leading companies associated t their business line and that’s where they have really worked a lot and today you can find them in partnership with some of the great companies all around the world. Companies in UAE, UK and GERMANY are some of the most important in this regard.

Working for a company that has earned a Corporate Building Award is certainly a thing to inflate about. Along with this award, there are several other that are to acknowledge the services and the quality of work that DLF is giving to the nation. You can come across lot of opportunities and openings for job in DLF India as they always strive to hire the best out there, so, if you have that kind of confidence in you, then you can certainly be the next. Management and Marketing is the basic field that can take you to the level of zenith while working for the company. There are immense opportunities for Project Managers who may the ability to lead the team, so, leadership qualities are the other thing that they might be checking in you. Don’t forget about the accounts, as it is essential in every company and you can also get a chance to work in the same field, however, the experience might be extensive to secure a job in this regard and that’s too a reasonable and respectable job with nice salary package as well.

Jobs in Dabur India Limited

Do you know as what is the name of India’s fourth largest FMCG company that has a turnover of 2396 crore? Well, there is not prize for guessing as it is quite obvious that the company is Dabur India Limited. Dabur India Limited is producing some of the best ever products related to health care and personal care. When you will go a little more in the details of the company, you will find out some of the brands which are quite popular these days and really in demand by most of the people. Dabur Amala, Dabur Vatika, Dabur Chyawanprash are few of the brands which every one is using these days. The company was founded in 1984 with headquarters in Ghaziabad. Since its establishment, Dabur India limited has come a long way and now you can find it in more than five countries with products all around the world. Another amazing fact about the company is that the growth rate for it has really improved; in fact the fluctuation is something that is enough to flabbergast anyone. It has grown from 10% to 40%. Isn’t it amazing, well certainly is and that’s why Dabur is the fourth largest. Today, there are all sorts of thing that Dabur is producing and you can find whatever you desire and it includes some diversified products like toothpaste, shampoo, digestives like Hajmola, juices, skin care products, hair oil, health supplements and a lot of other things can be found under the name of Dabur India Limited.

Starting a career with Dabur India Limited is certainly a desire for most of the professionals and individuals with specific education. If you have that little bit extra in you, Dabur India Limited will certainly acknowledge that and will give you exactly what you are worth and think that you should be getting. Also, another feature that you must keep in mind or it would be more appropriate to say that it is the feature that most people keep in mind while applying for a job in Dabur India Limited and that is the work environment in Dabur India Limited. When you will look out for some of the best places to work in India, you will find Dabur India Limited in one of them. Also, the other best thing is that they care for their people and the employees and understand that the technologies are something that is always at the brink of evolving and you will get a new one every other day. So, they understand the whole situation and arrange some professional training sessions that can help their people to work at the standards that international companies have set for them.

The opportunities at Dabur India Limited are limitless, especially if you are having that spark in you, you can go the furthest. There is a great scope of improvement in the jobs related to sales and marketing as these are the key factors for the business and it’s not different for Dabur India Limited.

Jobs in Cipla

India has now become a world leader in handling different sorts of things. There are some of the companies which are equally recognized in other parts of the world. You can not point out a specific field where India has not made a mark for itself. When you talk about pharmaceutical companies, the scene again is the same like other businesses in India. The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories which is formally known as Cipla is one of those big companies of India that have made India proud. Pharmaceutical is the basic field where the company is leaving its footprints. Although, there are other solutions as well that Cipla has produced but it is really known for the drugs that it has produced to tackle the vicious AIDS. It’s not all about producing them, but it is more about producing them at a low cost as these drugs are most required by the people who can’t even afford them. That is another testimonial that the healthcare industry is changing gears in India and certainly on a move. With its headquarters in Mumbai, it was first emerged on 1935. It certainly is one of the largest companies in India, especially when you check out the range of products it is producing. There are hundreds of medications that are produced within the company and sent for distribution in more than 180 countries which certainly is a remarkable figure. You can also find some diverse and large range of products for the animal.

There are more than 7000 satisfied employees in the company who are living a more that satisfactory life with some fringe benefits along with a specific pay. That is one of the reason that most of the people always wish to get a job in this company to secure their future. Also, the company is a good place for the people who think that they are competitive and possess some knowledge that they can utilize while their stay in the company. If you are willing to do something for the company, the company will certainly give you a lot in return, its more of a give and take policy in here.

Although, the basic requirements are the same that can be for any big company and that is the dedication and willingness to give your best. When it comes to qualification, then you can survive here if you are having a healthcare related degree. Any specialization in different field is essential to secure a job with nice salary package, for instance, if you are having a specialized degree in Bio-chemistry, Nursing, Dentistry, or other such related fields, then you must stay hopeful for your job. However, there always are openings for the people in management and finance sections as they have become an integral part of all sorts of business. However for the people who have just completed their study, they may have to go through some placement papers as well to prove their competence and the understanding about the company and whole manufacturing process.

Jobs in Cadbury India

Nowadays, you may not be able to find a person who says that he doesn’t like Chocolates. Chocolates and other sweets related to this has always been a thing of great joy for most of the people throughout the world. That is one of the reasons that there have been some of the big names who deal in this kind of products. When you talk about India, you will come across Cadbury India, who is one of the leading companies in India to cater the need of the people pertaining to different sweets. Cadbury Scwepps plc is the name of company that is based in UK and it Cadbury India is a subsidiary of that company in India. Cadbury India was established in 1948. The main function of the company was to import chocolates and then repack them to make them suitable for Indian market. You can visit its corporate office that is in Mumbai.

There was a time when Cadbury first introduced in India and today it is the time when it has a great place in Indian market. There have been some other brands as well that are sold under the name of Cadbury. 5star, Éclairs, Cadbury Dairy Milk and few others are the brands that you can find quite easily in Indian market these days. However, that is not the full stop for the products and brands that Cadbury India is producing, in fact there are specific milk food drinks as well which are under its production. Bournvita is one such name that has gained immense reputation and popularity in all the places in India. You may not be able to find a person who may say that he is unfamiliar of the name of Bournvita or Cadbury for that matter. That is the charm that Cadbury has created in India.

One thing that can be said about Cadbury that it is one of those brands that successfully have created a name of their own with the basic idea of spreading happiness. That is one of the reasons that the employees here are also treated as one of the family member. Considering the packages and the facilities, more and more youngsters are now prepared to secure a job in this company. However, what they want is commitment from their employees. The commitment that they will strive hard to bring the best to their consumers as the chocolates and other such products are all about quality, hence it only depends on people who are making it.

The first thing that you can do is to join as a trainee which is referred as Purple Star Program. Herein, you will get a feel and an understanding as how things work for Cadbury. Once you become able to perform well by understanding the core concepts, you can then proceed with some regular positions in the company. Other than that, you may have to go through a placement paper in which the general aptitude will be checked. You can then proceed for different jobs in which Finance related jobs and Management jobs are quite common and popular as people go for them at first.

Jobs in Bombay Dyeing

1879 was the year when a company emerged on the map of India with the name of Bombay Dyeing & Mfg. Co. Ltd. Mumbai was the place where it emerged and that is the place where you can find its headquarters. The name that Bombay Dyeing has achieved in the ever strengthening textile industry is certainly amazing and worth s great deal f appreciation. Bombay Dyeing is a company of Wadia Group, who are having a unique place in India business history. Bombay Dyeing is one of those companies in India which are earning great returns in the Indian as well as in the international market. There are a number of countries where the products of Bombay Dyeing are exported and that is another thing that can let anyone understand the quality standards that they are having is certainly something that can be called a top class. The popularity of its products in other countries shows and proves the fact that you will get a quality that is internationally acclaimed. To intensify the whole fact about the quality, you can also check out the award and trophies that Bombay Dyeing has always been getting in response to their great quality standards. Achieving a standard is not a difficult thing to do, however, the most difficult thing to do is to sustain and maintain the standards for the future ventures as well and that’s what Bombay Dyeing have done and proved several time that they are the best when it comes to textile industry.

When it comes to textile business, the primary thing that is required by a company is the marketing of their products along with the outlets where people can come and shop whatever they want and that is the point that Bombay Dyeing have kept in mind and today you can come across more than 600 shops that can be found in different cities in India. Now, you must be getting the idea that Bombay Dyeing is a company that is improving and getting bigger by time and that also implies the fact that the need of manpower and technical personnel is emphatic. So, if you are one of the persons who have some of his previous experience or have a degree that is relate to the technical terms and functioning in textile fields, then you must start your career from Bombay Dyeing. There are diverse jobs that you can choose from, so you may become able to get in the company; however, the best thing that will work in your favor is the degree of Textile Engineering. If you are having one such degree, you can certainly come and go through the formalities to start your career. However, graphic designers can also get in this kind of industry as there is a great room for the people who know how to create different things on clothe. However, you may have to show specific amount of experience to prove that you are eligible to handle the specific technical operations.

Jobs in Biocon India

Healthcare industry in India is really on an upsurge. The reason behind this improvements and advancements is quite simple. With some good companies coming into this industry, the healthcare solutions are gaining a good bit of momentum. Among some other big names, Biocon India is the name that has acquired a great reputation by constantly providing some of the very best services in the healthcare sector. Like other organizations, Biocon India is also endeavoring to provide the facilities and solutions to the people that comply with the international standards. The basic function that Biocon India is doing is in the field of Biopharmaceutical solutions. They have really spent a great deal of time and efforts to discover new things that can be helpful in providing the best and quick remedies to the problems of general public. There are some sophisticated facilities and technologies which are used to produce all sorts of drugs with in the boundaries of Biocon India. The research element is quite evident at this company and this is one of the reasons for it to produce some of the best antibiotic solutions. Today, Biocon India has really developed in a big company with several subsidiaries. Syngene International Limited, Biocon Biopharmaceuticals Private Limited (BBPL) and Clinigene International Limited are some of the subsidiaries companies for Biocon India. The company was founded in 1978 and since then it is just getting bigger and bigger with the passage of every single day.

The first thing that every company requires to get big is the quality personnel. When there is enough brains in the company to complete all the tasks at hand, including the one which seems like a challenge, then it is the time for a company to get ready to make a place of its own in the world’s market. Same thing can be seen in case of Biocon India. When you will be looking to have an insight about the personnel of the company, you will be amazed to see the level of skill and knowledge that the people carry with them. With 5% of PhD and 40% of post graduates, you will certainly find them equipped with all necessary knowledge to produce according to the standards of world. It is the quality of these people that help them to maintain their standards and that is the reason why they keep on looking for such people who think that they can be worthwhile for the company with their knowledge and ingenuity. If you also think that you have something to share with the world pertaining to knowledge and creativity, they you will get a warm welcome at Biocon India. The environment at Biocon India is sophisticated and that is one the reason that you must first try to get a feel for the whole thing. Getting there for internship is a good idea to start with. However, if you are holding a respectable degree, you can start your career from here as here people can get opportunities to work as Project Manager, Marketing Executive and other such jobs which are related to healthcare and IT can be acquired.

Jobs in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited BHEL

BHEL is an abbreviation of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. The company was founded in 1962 and you can visit the headquarters in Delhi. The company is considered to be a leader in not only Indian market but all around the world as well. It has really invested a lot of efforts and money to find out some of the best solutions that are helping people and industries through out the world. When it comes to energy and power related manufacturing, there is nothing bigger than Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited. The level of quality that BHEL is providing to its clients is something that requires a great level of dedication and grueling efforts and they certainly possess that and today they are presenting more than 180 products to the world. All of the attention of BHEL is converged to three business sectors which are Power, Industry and Oversees Business. Oversees Business is something that have helped them to provide some of the best power an energy solutions in India which comply to the international standards as well. Today they are working wonders in all fields that come under their jurisdiction and it certainly is not looking far when they will achieve the target that they have set for them. The target and goal is to become world class engineering enterprise.

If you are looking to enroll yourself as one of the 44,305 employees that BHEL is having then you are on a right track to start your career. The company has some of the great opportunities to work and learn and that is the reason why most of the people endeavor to get a job in the company. However, the first thing that you must consider is that the company is basically about the technical manufacturing, so, what you must possess is a good level of understanding and skill that will be necessary in performing all sorts of technical duties that will be assigned to you. So, before going any further, you must check yourself for all the necessary requirements as if you don’t come to the required standards or don’t comply with what they are looking for, you will certainly be wasting your time.

Going for Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is a great option for those individuals who are holding an engineering degree. This is to emphasize the fact that BHEL is predominantly related to the field of engineering, so, what they would always be looking for is an engineer who can come up with certain ingenuity in carrying all the tasks out. However, there is a good chances and opportunities for engineers who may have their major in different discipline. For instance, you can get in if you are an Electrical Engineer; also, you can join in if you are a Mechanical or Civil Engineer. The chances are bright for engineers; just prove that you are worth. Project Engineers, Engineers supervisors, safety officers and other people with knowledge related to engineering and power can also get a chance to join in.

Jobs in Bharti Enterprises

When you will be studying about India and especially about the businesses which are undertaken in the country, then you will certainly be amazed to see the number of companies and groups which are working wonders and lending a helping hand to boast the overall economy of India. Bharti Enterprise is one of those names that you will come across while you search for the big Indian companies. The basic focus of the enterprise is on the Telecom Industry and it really have achieved a place and have been able to make a mark in this very industry. However, along with a great work in Telecom field, you can now find them in agriculture business. Also, retail and insurance is another field where they are performing a great job by providing some of the very best solutions to the people of India in general. For Bharti Enterprise, the name that they have now been able to acquire is due to its top notch services in the field of Telecom and it is because of these services and low cost solutions that people in India have now become to get benefited by these services. Another reason of the success of Bharti Enterprise lies in the fact that they have now in partnership with some of the best companies oversees and that enables them to work at the international standards. Some of those companies with which Bharti Enterprise have established partnerships are Singapore Telecom, Vodaphone and British Telecom are few of the prominent companies. Today, Bharti Airtel holds most of the share in Telecom Industry of India.

If your dream is to work in this excelling enterprise, then you can start your journey right now as there are a lot of resources online that you can lay your eyes on. You can check out a lot of job offerings as there are different sectors that the enterprise focused with different companies. For instance, you can try to get a job in Bharti Telesoft and you can get in here if you are having a good bit of command of specific languages and other technologies which are necessary to work in the telecom industry. Operations Manager and Project Managers are the other one which are required by the companies.

However, when someone talks about Bharti Enterprise, there first priority is always to work for Airtel as it is excelling like anything in India and that is the reason why it offers some of the great salary packages. The best thing to get a job in Bharti Airtel, you must be having a relative degree to be able to come in. As the most of the work is telecom based, so, engineers are really encouraged to try their luck, however, there are equal opportunities for other people for Graphic Designing, Management, Network manager and a lot of other jobs can also be found. However, if you did not get a job in here that certainly is not the end of the road, as, there are a lot of other options that Bharti Enterprise presents to the youth of India.

Jobs in Bajaj Group

When it comes to the company that is manufacturing two or three wheelers for that matter, then the first name for an Indian will certainly be Bajaj. Bajaj Group is considered to be the fourth largest manufacturers in the world pertaining to automobile. Also, when you talk about the business houses in India as a whole with all specialties, Bajaj Group comes in the first ten. The group was established in 1929 and it was well before the establishment of India which occurred in 1947. There was the time when Bajaj Group was more of Bajaj Auto and known for its scooters. Although, the scooters were quite in demand but it was lacking that multi-dimensions in its product line. However, today there is a whole lot range of different sorts of scooters, bikes, cars and other automobiles that makes it one of the very best in India. There are a lot of amazing facts and figures that will spellbind any of the reader. They history is certainly amazing and the first thing that is essential in the establishment of any business is the courage of the founder. Herein, it was Jamnalal Bajaj, who was having a great dedication to the task that helped him in a great way to attain the place where the group is standing right now.

Working in the company is certainly a thing to be proud on. There are more than 10,250 employees in the company who are working for the betterment of all the products that the group is producing right now. If you are also interested in joining the company, then the first thing you require is competence. Competence is the first thing that will help you to come at the top in any field, but when you will be applying for Bajaj Group, you will have to compete with numerous other candidates who may be equipped with all sorts of skills and knowledge. However, one thing that is quite heartening for the candidates and the youngsters who are looking to start their careers with Bajaj Group is that there are a lot of companies that have now been under the name of Bajaj that is the reason why you can get a place in any one of those companies.

All of those companies offer some of the great job opportunities to all the people from all over the nation. Bajaj Auto Ltd, Bajaj Electrical Ltd, Bajaj Auto Finance, Jeevan Limited, The Hindustan Housing Co, Ltd and a lot of other companies can be found under the Bajaj Group. The first thing that you must be observing is that there is a diversification in all the companies that is one of the reason why there are opportunities for all sorts of degree holders. For Placement papers, you will have to go through a specific test checking your knowledge and understanding along with the maturity that you have. You will have to go through a test where you will be giving a written test along with a group discussion. These are the basic things that you will have to cover, if it seems difficulty, don’t worry, it’s worth it.

Jobs in Ashok Leyland

When you will talk about the businesses which are based in India and making a name for their country around the world, then you will certainly have to take the name of Ashok Leyland. It is a company that is involved in the business of commercial vehicle manufacturing. It was established in 1948 and the headquarters of the company can be found in Chennai, India. The company is working wonders in the industry of automobile in India. Since its establishment in 1948, it never has looked back. There are a lot of subsidiaries that can be found today. The company was known as the name of Ashok Motors at the time of its establishment but today it has really achieved a lot other than a change in name. Today, you can find all sorts of vehicle associated with the company. For instance, you will come across a lot of trucks, tank trucks, busses and a lot of other vehicles are also running with the name of Ashok Leyland. Especially, you can understand that importance and the share that Ashok Leyland is having in the India with the fact that there are eight busses out of ten which are from Ashok Leyland. The facts are certainly overwhelming and so are the services that they are providing to the whole nation and making the nation proud.

If you are looking for an opportunity to serve the company with the knowledge and the expereicne that you have gained over the years, then you must come and check your luck. You will certainly be happy and will also be on cloud nine if you get a chance to work for them. Its certainly is something to become a part of the family of employees which is now getting more than 11,500. For the persons who are looking for an opportunity to learn something, Ashok Leyland is certainly an amazing and remarkably good learning center. That’s one of the great thing that they do for their employees, they understand the importance of knowledge so they endeavor to provide information to help their employees in keeping them up-to-date with the latest improvements in the field of transportation.

Although, you can join in as a trainee, however, there always are opening for the specific and deserving candidates. Finance, Marketing, Management, Manufacturing and a lot of other jobs related to these fields can be acquired herein. However, if you think you are eligible and prepared to go for the job that are on offering then you must apply for it. However, you must keep in mind that you may have to go through some placement papers as there are specific requirements for specific jobs. You may have to go through a test asking specific questions about Physics, Math or Mechanical Engineering. The basic objective of these papers is to test your knowledge and your aptitude about different things. If you score well and come up to their required standards, you will be on for you place in Ashok Leyland.