Work From Home Jobs In India

Work from home it is the most vibrant and mature idea in many countries of the world. And it is most famous in the women part. As, in India women are the ones who rests at home and the opportunities for them to work from home is quite encouraging. It’s not possible for them to avoid their children.

Well, this all got popular with the emergence of internet in India. There are number of households with computer and internet facility and but offcourse increasing rapidly day by day in many cities of India. Get money through this is quite famous and is indefinitely a good and better option. It offers jobs that can be completed and submitted to their clients from home itself i.e. online.

These jobs includes data conversion, data processing, medical transcription, ad placing, data entry, editing, copywriting, paid SMS, survey jobs, internet based jobs, writing jobs, and etc are provides for the hard working and educated jobseekers. The scope of these jobs is of web promotions or search engine and even online marketing. They all are getting popular day by day.

Well these jobs even come under the category of outsourcing where companies outsource the works and cut their employee cost. As small and even big companies is fond of this way of home to home jobs with no physical attenuation. Outsourced agencies are in turn diverting to home job seekers. Well this is all the site of employment in at home as well as work is open in job openings. Many internet sites are giving this employment with just a basic idea of their social description and they would be paying hem with money options which includes payments through online transactions, cheque, and credit card, direct to bank accounts.

Well telemarketing is also a job from home where company provides the information to the person and the things can be done on the phone i.e. a home away from home. Well there are some mom associations also where the homely ladies do jobs in their own committee. Like free advertising, information-newsletters, email discussion forums, and they all are the members of that organization.

Sites like HOMEWORKING.COM is one of the best places where one can find these home based jobs. And one can see the testimonial of people working in it and will surely get impressed by it.

Work at home in India is a very new and a very broadest platform for online jobseekers. And its popularity is increasing rapidly. The board’s covers online services like pay per click, SEO/Online advertising, call center services and many more. Even some social works job is made online. Undoubtedly it is increasing and opening the gates for people sitting at home to earn and gets financially strong.

TV & Radio Jobs In India

Radio has been with us from quite a long time but the scenario got changed in the namesake that Radio announcers are now called as the Radio jockey or RJ. As these days they are just not the navigators but their main aim is to entertain their listeners and simultaneously provide information and many more.

Just three – four years back these radio channels are just a side wave of the world but with increase interests in this field, have given a 360 angle turn to this industry. Especially in the modern and metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, they are highly popular. And this proves that these radios are the medium of social announcements, happening news, publicity and also for other stuffs.

TV – Television the most popular broadcasting device which has given employment to lacs of people such as actors, technicians, producers, directors, fashion designers and many others. But basically TV has given job people behind the cameras like spot boys, cinematographers, camera man, labour, drivers, stunt man, choreographers, art director, art technicians and many more. As this is the main source for advertisement as 80% of the advertisements come into effective with this.

There are special institutions for these kinds of works like small training institutes, acting schools, art schools, film courses and others. TV industry from a long time always had a passion among people but for radio it just got I past few years. With the FM channels like radio mirchi 98.3, meow 104.8, 93.5, 91.0 and others. FM channel broadcasts in stereo and offers a high sound quality then wave channels. The style, delivery, expression and content have developed. It is the fast progressing industry with more radio channels entering into it and which certainly offers employment. As with just three years back there is an increase of forty five percent of employment and the predictions are really high and it’ll be more with every move.

Our TV industry is about is the biggest industry in the world and it is the never ending opportunities lies in it. Especially for being a radio jockey all you needed is a talent, confidence and perseverance. As they are getting paid really high and even film promotions and local announcement and different punchy items give them more popularity. There are hundred of channels, thousands of TV shows and lacs of employees; this is the trait of this industry where everyone got adjusted in every basic sense. And with advancements this will obviously expand and produce more and more opportunities for new people.

As RJ’s when connected with audience can also competes with TV shows or live shows also. This industry is really expanding with higher scores and great potential.

Technical Writer jobs in India

Technical writing in India is as formulating as anywhere else in the world. This kind of jobs generally involves in-writing, brochures, in designing user guides for products, and white papers for variety of jobs available in this horizon. Well these things are not new or not anything unique but the introduction of technical writing in this is new.

The technical writing in India is growing with a much speed as never before but still no institution in India has introduced any courses for technical writing. Rough estimation involves that there are as many 200 spreads across the country. About 140 of technical writers in India subscribe to an electronic system in India called as TWIN (Technical writers of India). So to know about them this forum is the best medium to go or look at. The final recruiters, Corporate, MNCs need to step in boldly to hire and provide customized training to fresh technical writers as they are of high demand.

Well what qualification does it include i.e. academics or professional qualification because technical writer is a person who explains the intricacies or the concept to the lay person. As technical writer tells the basic background to express the technicality of the subject for which a person must know the technical concepts but it doesn’t mean that person doesn’t belong to technical background cannot be the technical writers.

As in Indian structure sixty five percent belongs to technical background and other thirty five percent belongs to non-technical background. But their something like a command on language and a flair for writing is a must to be a technical writer. As people belong to English literature or journalism are the preferred people. Though we can also include people from advertising and marketing are also considers as like copy writers. As subsequent percentage of people present in this field are from these above categories. Generally, many of the people belongs this above background before switching into this filed of technical writing.

As there is no professional course for this so people entering into this way are because of their family and friends, who are already technical writers. As most of them came to know this from their organizations they are working in and then with advertising bills and people they meet they came to know about this.

On general scale the experienced people in this would be just 2-4 years back but there are some veterans available with the experience from past eight to ten years. The growth in this field in India, the kind of people enters into this professional make an interesting study. Indian technical writers came from very diverse backgrounds and seems to have adopt really well this to this business or industry.

Online Jobs In India

It can be called as Add-on jobs available for employment. Online mean doing work on your favorite topic using internet from anywhere and at anytime. That’s amazing isn’t it!

With high advancement in the IT sector and telecommunication made this happened. As India was meting with a problem of retired people without much to do and even for young students who are quite capable of earnings like in the goring developed countries. As we are in the phase of getting transformed from the tag of developing to developed very soon.

Every industry whether it is manufacturing, agriculture, electrical, IT, railways aka transportation, shipping, media but offcourse and others also. With increase number of involvement in these kinds of jobs, people are getting much benefited. Like data entry jobs, writing articles, website designing, booking and ticketing, proof reading etc. these jobs mainly compute the KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing), BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), IT, Hospitality, Airlines and many others departments. It hardly got left in any sector of economy, jobs are for everywhere.

The frequencies of such jobs are quite high on scale and even are on very much demand. As, it offers part-time work made available for house-wives, college students, pensioners, retired people and all. Thus job is always for the needful person. Though these jobs are not recommended much because of cyber crimes are very high and to track them is not so easy. But that’s true that it is a very easy medium to earn respective money for your work on a part-time basis. It makes a person mentally strong and financially too. Because nobody wants to still idle. And doing work is all everyone wants.

When many local educated people asked about it which includes house-wives, students and to some retired people much of them are involved on this and enjoying its perks. As, it doesn’t require transportation and nor any fixed time job of eight to twelve hours. So, obviously it is on high demand.

With online survey mainly south India people are the ones who are topping the chart of doing the work maximum online.
The young graduates, by giving just 2-3 hours a day can easily earn their pocket money and other purposes. As one can easily, earn fifteen hundred rupees to ten thousand on general basis.

This is definitely a boon among the people not in the offices. In India from last one and half year this trend has started and is getting very popular each day. We have entered in the cyber era where everything is fully online and will be reducing the distance length and the work will be done all online. As everyone is accepting open handedly.

Media & Journalism Jobs in India

Journalism is the most innovative and creative with the flavor of excitement job. It for the fun loving and creative people those have the factor of versatility in it. Media and Journalism together have brought a large or a very large number of job opportunities to grow multifold and with its vast potential.

Journalism as a profession had gained a lot of respect and fame in the society. Being a free country and have a right of speech, we have out media politically free thus it have a high popularity among people. And, special thanks to some magnificent people in this industry such as Barkha Dutta, Dr, Prrunoy, Vikram Chandra, Udyana Mukherjee, Rajndeep Serdesai, Rajat Sharma and many more. This profession has sustained the guts and glory associated with its name.

The investment in this industry is more and more as we have about so many international channels available in our country including one of the best print media. Newspaper jobs are still the craze among the young people. But what includes the education to enter the hall ticket of this industry. Well, different college and universities offer under-graduate or post-graduate courses in Journalism or mass communication on different patters and on different scales. The basic tenure of these courses is generally varies from one year to two year depending on the nature of the particular program one has opt for.

The tern Journalism has been diversified into print media, Electronic-journalism and audio-visual. A young student is free to try options which therefore includes, newspapers, TV channels, Radio Stations, Periodicals and magazines, Press information bureau, central information service, websites and many work as an freelance writers and which can be categories as a part-time jobs too. The Job-profiles includes of the job seekers as Reporter, Correspondents, Sub-editor, Copy editor, Youth editors, sports editor, copy editor, feature editor, investigative reporter, proof reader, special reporter, photographers, cartoonists and much more.

A media person especially a journalist should have the qualities and personality that showcase the flair of writing on knowledge based current affairs, nose for news, eyes of truth, inquisitive, sharp memory, physical fitness, good command over the respective language and ability to judge neutrally, willing to work unearthly hours and knowledge of regional corners and empathy.

A career in the media is quite or on upper scale is demanding and more than rewarding. Salaries the persons getting in the print media are usually lower than what in electronic media. Just guess a trainee reporter may received a payment of about Rs. Five thousands to Rs. Ten thousands,. For agencies the wage board has some different preferential and determined to be given salary of Rs. Eight thousand to twelve thousands for trainee for the special correspondents one can ear around Rs. Seventeen thousand to about thirty thousand. And the scale itself explains the motives.

Jewellery Retail Jobs in India

India is a country with various customs & cultures & the women of our country are the most beautiful. As there beauty is enhanced by the jewellery.

From ancient civilization to modern civilization women as well as men are decorated with ornaments. From Kashmir to kanyakumari each Indian women wears jewellery. So we can say that jobs related to this field always have a bright future. The future will only shine with good marketing skills and good retailing infrastructure is only available in the country grounds. As the sector has a vibrance glory of diversify and incredible Indian ornaments even on the international base.

If we compare India to other countries, India has the higher hub of jewellery making. In India jewellery sales jobs, till recently was treated as semi-skilled job because the individual owner of the jewellery shop was the determining force of all deals. Though this job requires long term association with customers but the result comes to be superior to other business. The design of the jewellery requires long time, but the result is very beneficial.Indian people are very interested & always fond of jewellery for wearing them on marriages and other occasions.

Jewellery selling includes jewellery shop sales jobs, personal accessories sales jobs, personal ornaments retail jobs, and costume ornaments sales jobs, diamond sales & retailing jobs, ferrous & semi-precious stones sales. Various brand company like Tanishq, alukkas jewellery are there which require various professionals for the designing of jewellery. Now not in gold jewelleries or diamonds people r interested in precious stones also, which enlarges the scope of jewellery marketing. Many popular and famous people wear stone rings. These stones keep the unenergetic lights out of there life.

Now there are many new generations entrants in jewellery retailing with specialization. This field is constantly flowing with new ideas & methodology. Thus the scope of jewellery making is inevitable. And the procedure of jewellery designing will always change as new designs will be made worth skilled, talented & creative designers.

The retailing sector in India is of much efforts but the outcome is not that we can say as a whole that the sector is improving or not. Means, the particulars of this industry doesn’t have their roots binds in the lotion of soil of the market.

Thus, it says there are job opportunities in this sector but the payment or salary sector is not very convincing. If we spread out some companies I can say the sector as a whole is progressing but the intensity level is not much in level. As still the 27% sector is treated as jobless that means with less to do. But the efforts are being getting made and we’ll surely see steak positive responses in this industry.

Jewellery Design Jobs in India

Jewellery can be basically defined as: – an adornment made of precious metals and set with gems. In other words or in more general sense, it can be best defined as a piece of decorative item worn to enhance the beauty of human beings. In the country like India where the jewellery is treated as an organ of women and also now it’s a fashion for men. The field will never loose its charm but always grow with the lucrative minds of generation i.e. extravagance.

History of jewellery can be dated back to the Stone Age where women wore various items of jewellery made of different stones, beads etc which were replaced by metals like iron, silver and gold in the different eras as the human race progressed. Later they were decorated with precious and semi precious stones like diamonds, rubies etc. In fact many of world’s famed pieces of art and crafts are crafted in pure gold or silver or any other precious metal, or some are decorated with these stones.

In the earlier times jewellery making was an art which was like a family business and the skills were transferred from one generation to another. The making of jewellery involved low investment and the most important factor on which this business was based, was the trust and relationship between the artisan and his customers. Creativity, training and variety of skills were an integral part of this business.

In present times technology has overpowered the original family business. This job now involves huge capital investments to set up machinery and stocks in a modern factory. New methods of working are being introduced at very short intervals of time n therefore proper training of the artisans is required. They must have ample knowledge of these new techniques like cutting stones, engraving & welding of intricate, delicate small pieces of jewellery with lasers. The technology is on the progression but the hands has its own flair.

Designing jewellery is no more a job of human creativity only as it is also aided by computers with software like CAD (Computer aided design) which help to avoid flaws during the designing process. Similarly there is software like CAM (computer aided manufacturing process) helps to create a model of a piece of jewellery to produce numerous pieces of that design, something which was very difficult to achieve in earlier days.

The predictions for this are always about what the creativity is? Let me express that designing is what creativity and with such a vast fashion hub being our country, we can portray the diversity of the country in fashion. As we don’t stick to one rule but our work make rules. Thus, the fly is high and so the opportunities, one just needs to see and grab them.

Interior Design Jobs in India

Interior designing in India has some different prospects. Well, it is the obvious question what the need of this on such a big scale in India. Well with increase size and more and more advancement, and in small places and wanting things to go more in disciplined manner, it defiantly a matter to concern. With increasing demand of more working space and with more and more people understanding that there is a need of professional designers, thus interior designing as a profession got establishes in the country. Therefore, treat your place with the designing in a better way.

Now there are ample opportunities for any person to do the job of interior decoration in consultancies companies, architectural firms and etc. with the opening of private organizations in the country there is a lucrative openings for this sector. However, every individual has to be with the wave on what’s new and what’s on the cards with each new flake. Though certain factors vary in it is the less price and maximum satisfaction and the interior decorator brings out according to the client’s wants, requirements, liking, taste and yes again the budget.

As a sculpture gives a shape to clay, a painter gives a way to colour and moulds it, in the same way an interior designer gives spacing to the place and gives it a meaning in the sense of living. As they treat them a life. There are only three basis of interior designing that is the colour, scale and proportion. Well it is the people’s person of one’s personality. And the work of designer has to understand the lifestyle of the client, cultural preference means he has to live the other person mind for the time being.

For making career in interior designing there are courses for their and one can learn those courses after doing the 10 + 2 level. Such institutions who offer these courses are: School of Interior Design, Center for Environmental Planning Technology, Ahmedabad, Exteriors Interiors, New Delhi and Kolkata, J J School of Arts, Mumbai, Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai, Sophia College, Mumbai and SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai.
Interior designing on vastu shastra is also very popular and with the country like India people trust so much on all these activities.

The jobs in this sector are really growing with quite ease with the arrival of many private companies, private exclusive show-rooms and many more. There is an increasing number of opportunities just wanting creative people and money is what they want. As creativity and art doesn’t have any fixed price? With an economical interior designer to the master of queens one can ear from five thousand rupees per project to ten lacs rupees per project. Its your work which will categories you.

Gems and Jewellery Jobs in India

India being a heritage hub for the gems and jewels is still topping the charts for its popularity. With just $8 billion diamond polishing industry has made the world to do salsa on her tunes and has taken a bigger slice of the global gems and jewellery through magnificent designs and manufacturing.

It is controlling 80% of trade around the globe. During 2004, total exports of gems and jewellery from the country was US $ 14, 680 billion comprising to this it has risen to 75% which indeed showcase the mark of the country in the world-wide. Well the message is crystal clear; the diamond segment consolidation is well underline while the jewellery segment seems to be no breaker or stopping the market bold forwardness and also its indications of maintaing an annual growth of ten to fifteen percent over the coming next years.

Well due to economic downing in the united states, which estimated for more than fifty percent of India’s diamond exports and also with the shortage in supply of rough diamonds in which we has expertise and a positive angle advantage, has resulted into GJEPS scouting for taking diamond rights from the mines respectively. “The GJEPC is now exploring the possibility of direct procurement of rough diamonds from mining countries in Africa and Russia to cut down on costs of rough diamonds and to get better quality and supply,” according to the commerce ministry. At only three places or key points emphasis should be given are the widening the base of producers catering to the export market, continuously upgrading the technical skills with modern technology and taking major initiatives for designing and developing the forum.

India itself a big domestic market of 800 ton gold consumption per year and is growing with high magnitude for spending capacity of middle class people. But there is a very positive piece of cake available in India and that is we are very rich in manpower aka human resource power. India is quite a competition on labor front and outsourcing is quite favaourable with improving infrastructure facilities, apt custom duties and license, skilled men power and the best thing easily availability of raw materials and special emphasis for design and development. We are also doing well in marketing with excellent marketing skills for local and international business as well. Statistically nine in every ten polished and cut diamonds in the world India sharing fifty five percent in the global market and about eighty percent in carat.

And yes as far as our employment in concerned with our monopoly in the world has led us to rule the market with great skills and high productivity and which will increase with the expanding of this industry every yearly.

Freelance Jobs India

Freelance writing is one of the most rapidly growing jobs in India. As many people are getting in to this. In the various sectors of Indian Economy these jobs are has taken a big leap and will do better in future is what economists predicts, obviously with a book of facts and figures. As we all know India successfully made his GDP rate of 8.8% for the year 200-2008, and the service sector has a major contribution in it.

Particularly, this IT sector rely more on these content and freelance writers for their websites, user-blogs and generally for cutting the jobs of production. As it is o what we call the print media. They somehow also work as stipends writers and in the big media firms also. Like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, brochures and other print jobs.

These job generally made for home where the writer is not the direct employee of any company, he just take projects and work on them. So, companies don’t have control on them and moreover there is a professional transaction goes on between them.
It has proved to be the best career option available for young people as they can do the job while continuation of their studies. As per the increase in demand for this field this job proves out to be highly accessible and also quote popular. One doesn’t need to devote much time in this and with a short time; he can draws the very respectable amount. It’s a paramount of knowledge and opportunity.

Well any young graduate or the students in their last year of graduation can apply for these jobs. All what companies need a good sensible educated employee who can work hard and give a quality piece of material? And really it is what the trend now, more and more people are getting attracted towards it. An approach towards cake and the desire develops accordingly. Realistically this is the trend.

To be a freelancer, one should be self-motivated, well aware and able to maintain a skilled work atmosphere at his home. And freelance writing involves web content writer, ghostwriter, creative writer, copywriter, technical writer, research writer and proofreader. As these are those jobs which can easily be accessible from home and is of real demand. Though, if we talk on professional basis it reduces company’s employee cost and opportunity cost. Thus it leads to more realistically possible professionalism where everybody in certain sense getting benefited.

Writing as a freelance is like a free bird following the fashion and her own desire of doing anything. This may look a complex line but a true object. And these jobs are mainly for the people with a passion for writing and have the desire to express.