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The Life 和 Career of Kenya Moore


Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore

Who Is Kenya Moore?

You may know her from the hit Bravo 365平台 show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but unlike many of the other women on the show, Kenya Moore was somebody decades before the show began. Don't get it twisted now...365平台都是大人物,我的意思是她早在布拉沃电视节目开始之前就已经是名人了.

Kenya Moore first gained exposure as a model when she was a teenager. She moved on to major success on the pageant circuit, 后来,她在许多90年代的电视节目中客串,开始了演艺生涯. Kenya appeared in several high profile movies, she produced a work-out DVD, she was a reality 365平台 contestant, 而她目前的角色则是“盘旋”在亚特兰大的超级流行 Housewives franchise.

已经列出的要点将大大有助于回答“谁是肯尼亚摩尔”这个问题?“但, 让365平台来深入挖掘一下这位美丽的黑人女性,她成功地用自己的品牌建立了一个帝国.


An Educated Young Lady

肯亚·摩尔于1971年1月24日在密歇根州的底特律开始了她的事业. She was ab和oned by her mother when she was only days old. In the interest of being fair, 她的母亲生下肯尼亚时只有15岁, so she might not have felt equipped to raise a child. 然而,肯尼亚表示,她的母亲直到今天都拒绝承认她的存在.

对肯尼亚来说,幸运的是,她有一个祖父母和姑姑来照顾她. She might have started out on shaky ground, but with the support of her relatives, she pulled it together. 肯雅走上了正确的道路,最终从卡斯技术高中毕业. 她后来在韦恩州立大学(Wayne State University)获得了心理学学位.

A Bona Fide Beauty Queen

Kenya Moore started modeling when she was 14 years old. 在她20岁出头的时候,她就获得了巨大的成功,成为了令人垂涎的封面女郎 Ebony Man (EM) magazine in 1992. She moved on to modeling for Fashion Fair cosmetics, she won the title of Miss Michigan USA in 1993.

她取得了一个重要的里程碑,获得了美国小姐的头衔(1993年), 因为她是选美比赛历史上第二位获得这一头衔的黑人女性. Carole Anne-Marie Gist 她是第一个黑人美国小姐吗?她在三年前才赢得冠军. 在获得环球小姐选美大赛第五名后,肯尼亚结束了她的选美生涯.


A Bona Fide Actress

By the time the 1990s came along, 肯雅·摩尔在90年代的热门电视节目中客串过很多次,比如 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Parent 'Hood, Living Single, Girlfriends.

最终,她进入了大银幕,在电影中扮演了一些配角,比如 Waiting to Exhale (1995),与安吉拉·贝塞特和已故伟大的惠特尼·休斯顿对唱 Deliver Us from Eva (2003) opposite Gabrielle Union 和 Terry Crews.

也正是在她职业生涯的这段时间里,肯雅·摩尔引起了音乐视频制作人的注意, 所以她出演了从1995年Shai的《365平台》到Tupac的《365平台app下载》的音乐视频," also in 1995.

While she was making regular television, 电影, music video appearances, 肯雅也仍然以模特为生,她出现在《 魅力, Seventeen, 乌木,本质.

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A Real Atlanta Housewife

2012年,肯亚·摩尔(Kenya Moore)被带入了许多可能并不熟悉她的人的意识中, because she signed on as a cast member of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

From the moment Kenya first appeared on the show, 她给人的印象是很容易惹是生非,给别人惹麻烦. This is exactly the type of behavior the producers of the Housewives franchise want, because drama is what their viewers crave.

作为一个捣蛋鬼,她和小组其他成员相处得很好. The latest gossip about Kenya on The Real Housewives of Atlanta 她和搭档伊娃·马西尔已经“坠入爱河”了,而且还在互相诽谤, 伊娃试图通过说肯雅过了头来怠慢她. These types of antics are common.

Hopefully, given all she has accomplished in her past, the behavior she displays on the show are mostly for ratings. One positive aspect of her time on the show, besides the fact that she draws a h和some salary, 是不是因为365平台在剧中看到她组建了一个家庭.


A Wife 和 Mother

Kenya Moore married restaurant owner Marc Daly in June of 2018. 从一开始,肯尼亚和马克的婚姻就笼罩着一种神秘的气氛. 甚至她的 Real Housewives 闺蜜,辛西娅·贝利,对她的感情状况一无所知.

Kenya introduced Marc as her husb和 out of nowhere. 没有人知道他们的婚礼,因为这对情侣显然是私奔到圣. 露西娅.

365平台后来了解到,Marc Daly是一家餐馆的老板,在布鲁克林有一家南方融合餐厅和酒吧 社协. In the beginning, 11月4日,这对英俊的情侣看起来非常般配, 2018, 他们迎来了美丽的女儿布鲁克林的降生. Although Kenya seems to be a happy, dutiful mother, her relationship with her husb和 was clearly strained.

肯亚和丈夫的不幸在她向联合演员坎迪·伯鲁斯(K和i Burruss)讲述她在拍摄过程中情绪崩溃时被公之于众, 她把缺乏亲密关系作为她关系中的主要问题. 她进一步表示,这些问题是从她怀孕时开始的, 她认为马克在她怀孕时对她的身体有意见.

肯雅多次表示,她非常愿意努力使自己的婚姻成功, but Marc wasn't as willing as was she. In the end, the couple decided to separate. Kenya recently announced their pending divorce.


最后...A Beautiful 家庭 for Kenya

Although Kenya 和 Marc's marriage probably will not last, she has shown herself to be a loving, caring mother. She has displayed many times her wish for a stable family, 尤其是考虑到她和她母亲的关系几乎不存在.

肯雅也多次表示马克是一个很棒的父亲, 所以毫无疑问,他们俩将能够在一个积极的环境中成功地共同抚养孩子布鲁克林.

Kenya Moore is still stirring up trouble on the Housewives, but of course, that's what they pay her to do... Regardless of her antics 和 her failed marriage, she seems happiest when she's with her child, 所以365平台祝愿她和她的小家庭未来一切顺利.


Jacqueline G Rozell on December 06, 2019:

Beautiful women. I hope they get the best out of life. For some reason, 尽管真人秀似乎是最受欢迎的电视节目类型之一, people tend to want to tear down those starring in the roles, to take pleasure in their bad 和 worse days 和 hardships. 也许这是卖点,但我支持成功.

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